Monday, January 21, 2008

And You Thought Your Mom was Not Very Nice

I tend to hate people who blame all life’s problems on their parents and personal vices like food and drugs. I might have to reconsider all of that after watching the video below.

This poor chubby butt goes through one minute of personal hell while her mother sits next to her howling with laughter. I just hope she got treated to an elephant ear after coping with the immense emotional trauma.

Bad, bad mommy.

Matt Arrowhead


mjenks said...

Are you sure that's a girl? Tough to tell if those are real or just beeftits. Or both.

Matt Arrowhead said...

haha, no I'm not sure. Someone else told me they thought it was a boy as well. Beeftits it is.

I like the word "beeftits". I'm going to start using that.

Poop Factory said...

I dont Matt,even though I agree that that must have been terrifying for that girl/boy/thing, if Im a dad andthats my son Im either laughing hysterically or screaming at it for being a fucking pussy. So either way Im a bad parent and am therefore pro-choice once again.

matt arrowhead said...


couldn't have said it better myself. I might have to dust off an old t-shirt (with a hanger on it) and offend some ppl.

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