Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Writing To You From Hell.

I feel like the only reason I come here to write is to talk about death. I don't want to be a mortician, nor do I get off thinking about death and emo kids, but I just have a sick sense of humor. I find serious issues to be funny. Maybe I just like making jokes out of subjects people take seriously. I say this to myself daily... Seriousness sucks, serious people suck, lighten up. That's why it doesn't hurt to offend people. It doesn't hurt like getting fucked in the ass by Jake Gayllenhaal.

Ever since seeing Batman Begins I have been waiting impatiently for The Dark Knight. Katie Holmes bailed which means there's a new actress playing a sequel and I hate that. Now Heath Ledger had to be all selfish and kill himself. If there are 10 things I hate about You him popping pills then 9 of them are awaiting news on what they are going to do about the Dark Knight. The tenth is the fact that he was a pretty good actor and I was really excited for his role of Joker. The film is in post-production according to IMDB (which has actually replaced the Bible as the holiest text in religion land) so I would imagine they will go ahead and release the film. If they decide to postpone the film for a little while I think they will have a tougher time "filling his hole" in the cast. Ledger's career was looking Brother’s Grimm until this point, but I really think his role here would have brought him out of the closet.

In remembrance of Heath, the detectives were instructed to be very anal while investigating the scene. In future appearances Heath was scheduled to appear on WWE Raw (does that still exist?). He was only going to be in one fight but it was ironically a tag team match and his name was dubbed "The Pharmacy." I am being instructed that I have to leave now to go to Hell. Good day.

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Anonymous said...

WWE Raw is still the highest rated show on cable on Monday nights