Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Biglots Talks a Big Game

Travis Diener is a pretty good shooter. I can't find a link or video anywhere but I'm told that a reporter once asked then Magic guard Diener about the rumor that he drained 86 of 100 threes in a pre-draft workout. Diener replied, "Eighty-nine."

You might be wondering what this has to do with the contributor "Biglots" who wrote an article for this site one time. Well, he was involved in a conversation with my friend Alex and me about this Diener feat, when he declared that, "Its not that impressive. I could probably do that."

Now before we start ripping on Biglots, let's give him some credit. He's an athletic kid. He was All-State in High soccer! He didn't play basketball in high school and I'm pretty sure he doesn't know where the gym is located at school. Its been four years since he's performed in any serious athletic competition. Since then he's pretty much been on a round trip path from his bed to his computer to Wendy's and back to his bed.

And these are NBA range three's we're talking here. So we discussed the possibilities. Alex said he guaranteed Biglots couldn't hit 30 out of 100--from the college stripe. Biglots said he definitely could beat that.

If you know Biglots, what do you think? If not how many could you hit? Keep in mind after 100 shots in a row and your arms are probably going to get a little bit tired.

Biglots and Alex are going to the gym to wage the bet tonight. Biglots will either have his moment of triumph in front of the millions of people who read this site or be publicly humiliated--I'll keep you posted.


BigLots said...

Anyone else want in on the action? I'll be back in an hour to collect.

Anonymous said...

put me down for 100$ Ill give that sucker 3to1 that he dsn't hit 30 3s. He dsn't have a clue....

mjenks said...

Do I get to warm up a little first? From college 3, I could probably hit...40%, plus or minus two. As long as the bank is open. And I'm unguarded. And it's the Little Tikes basketball rim my kids play on.

No, seriously, I'd say I could do between 38 and 42.

BigLots said...

32. Silenced the haters.

mjenks said...

Did you collect that $100?

Jeffrey said...

biglots went the way of log's blog for a while

"where the wood is laid whenever-we-feel-like-getting-off-our-ass-and-writing-a-post"

oh, wait, he's still not back....

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