Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend News

When we're talking about money there are a number of examples of exceptionally large figures. Bill Gates is worth $56 billion. The United States' national debt is something like $9 trillion. US gross domestic product is $13 trillion. And then there is the jackass from Lousiana that sued the United States government for $3 quadrillion dollars, citing damages from Hurricane Katrina and governmental failures.

The first thing I had to do when I read that was go to and make sure that was a real number. But seriously, I understand Hurricane Katrina was a horrible event and the feds really shit the bed big time, but asking for an amount of money that excessively exceeds the combined output of the world's economic superpowers? I think Uncle Sam should just give the guy $20 and a swift kick in the nuts and call it even.

In other news, le Cheff showed me this story which made me laugh, meaning either its funny or I'm pretty sick. Some lady's pug ran away during the holidays and her attempts to find "Scooter" were in vain. After several days the family assumed the dog was gone for good, until they received a letter in the mail from an anonymous woman. The woman said she found the dog and instead of returning it to the address on the tag, she kept it and gave it to her daughter as a Christmas gift. She assured the family that although the pup had a new name, it was well fed and living a good life. To compensate them for their loss she enclosed a $20 bill. Oh yeah, she's an unemployed alcoholic too. I guess the letter is a nice thought so the family knows their little puppy isn't splattered on the pavement somewhere, but twenty dollars for a pug? She may as well have taken a picture of herself flipping the bird and put that in the envelope.

In the sports world, a new report shows that a representitive of Roger Clemens met with Brian McNamee in 2004 to...blah, blah, blah. When are people going to stop giving a shit about this douchebag. He cheated, he got caught, and now he's lying because he's a big pussy.

I think the heat is broke in my house because I can see my breath in the living room and my fingers are too cold to type any more. Peace.

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