Saturday, January 26, 2008

Vote KJ in '08!

Sacramento mayor Heather Fargo might face some tough competition in the city’s upcoming mayoral race from none other than former NBA point guard Kevin Johnson. Johnson, best known for this dunk over Hakeem Olajuwon in the 1994 NBA Playoffs, is consdisering a run at office and will make his decision known to the public soon.

Fargo’s bid for a third term wasn’t expected to face any real competition, so this news has to have her saying, “FUCK!”. I’m pretty sure mayors do absolutely nothing, so it’s gotta suck when someone tries to take the ultimate “sit around all day and act busy” job away.

Not sure if a couple big dunks over NBA centers are enough to get one elected, but really, in this day and age, anything is possible. Jesse “The Body” Ventura was governor of Minnesota for four years, and Arnold Schwarzenegger currently runs the biggest state in the country, so Johnson has to like his chances. I mean he, unlike “the Body” and the Terminator , at least knows how to add and subtract.

David Townsend, a pollster from Sacramento, says Johnson would be the favorite if he decides to enter the race. Johnson’s name recognition and endorsements from local celebs and business people would mean national exposure and money; two things that are hard to beat. So, it seems like it would make sense for Kevin, and really, what else does he have to do anyway?

Like anyone who’s vying for a political seat, Johnson has already faced criticism from detractors in the Sacramento and LA areas. Here's a couple:

”The local teachers union has railed against Johnson since his nonprofit, St. HOPE Corp., took over Sacramento High School in 2002 and turned it into a charter school. Some parents were enraged by the change and sued Sacramento City Unified for approving it.

Meanwhile, some Oak Park residents are demanding Johnson follow through with renovation plans for several decaying properties he owns in that community. Half his properties there have been cited for code violations in the past decade.”
So KJ’s a slum lord who’s trying to undermine our public education system, huh? Sounds like he’d be perfect for political office.

Matt Arrowhead


Poop Factory said...

Dan Majerle is basically mayor/owner of Pheonix and Sir Chaz Barkley has voiced an interest in politics. If Kevin were to win all that is needed to complete the 92-93 team(my favorite NBA squad of all time) would be Tom Chambers for congress and Oliver Miller for state senate in 08. It seems one of my deepest,darkest fantasies of having this basketball team run the country is slowly becomig a reality.

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