Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Luke's Gettin' Kicked Off the Team"- Luke

Luke Caperelli, a 19 year old back-up RB at Wake Forest, has been kicked off his football team after making terrorism threats on his personal Facebook page.

Typically, the Facebook is a place where high schoolers and collegiate folk share messages, post on walls, “poke” each other, and stalk those members of the opposite sex who are much more attractive then they are, but Mr. Caperelli wasn’t having any of that. He thought poking friends and tagging people in photos was BORRRRING.

Instead, his page was filled with quotes (all written in third person) suggesting he wanted to “blow up campus” and that he had an Uzi submachine gun that was “locked and loaded in his bag”.

The third person quotes never get old. Luke should have been a little more comical with some of his quotes, maybe then people would have realized he was just being a goofster. You know, something like “Luke is gettin’ angry. Luke’s got a big ole gun in his bag. Luke wants to kill innocent people. Luke is an idiot for typing all of this stuff on his profile that hundreds of people will be looking at.”

I really don't think any of the non-sense on his page was serious. He has cooperated with the police, and they haven’t found anything on his computer or in his dorm room that would suggest he actually considered taking down the school. He probably just has a sick sense of humor, but come on, he has to be a pretty big idiot for putting this shit up on a page that everyone has access to.

As I was interviewing for jobs last year, I was told by my business placement office that I should remove all information and images from my Facebook account that might be offensive and damaging. Immediately, I went home and deleted everything on my profile. Hell, I wouldn’t want the interviewers to know about my secret ties to the KGB or have them see those “racy” pics of me, in my tighty whities, being fed grapes by an albino hooker from Romania (who I’m 95% sure roofied me.) :-( I just had this feeling that the recruiters from the accounting firms I was interviewing with wouldn’t appreciate my version of a party.

Kidding aside, Luke should have removed his “version of a party” from the profile. Instead, he’s been kicked off the team, doesn’t have a scholarship, and might be facing criminal charges.
What a dumb-dumb? I’m just hoping I can find Osama’s facebook profile; it’d be the easiest 25 million bucks anyone’s ever made. Well, assuming he’d accept my friendship of course.

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mjenks said...

Number 1, Luke, how far away is Wake from VT? Not very? Dumbass.

Number 2, absolutely take down the offensive, goofy, drunken shit from your myspace or facebook pages. Whenever we have a candidate come through, one of a circle of us will look for them on myspace or whatever and within a few minutes of their interview seminar, they're whole goofy antics have been spread through the office. So, when it comes time to find a job, cover your trail as best you can.

mjenks said...

This from (also about Wake Forest's football dumassery):

Speaking of damaging photos, Wake Forest coaches better think twice before telling Riley Skinner to throw long. With Leather received photos allegedly of Skinner showing off his Demon Deacon. Apparently, this has become Winston-Salem’s equivalent to the University Towers “art film” that made the rounds at NC State in the late 90’s. If legit (and Photoshop is always a possibility), Skinner must have really upset a lady on campus for this to get out nationally.

matt arrowheaed said...


haha ya, when it rains it pours I guess. It's pretty embarrassing stuff for the University and him....if it's small.

Wilfrid said...

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