Friday, February 1, 2008

Blind Luck

Leo Fiyalko, a 92 year old man from Clearwater, Florida, hit his very first hole-in-one yesterday at Cove Cay Country Club. Miraculously, he aced the 110 yd Par 3 hole with a 5 iron.

Leo’s not only “creepy old, he’s legally blind as well. Honestly, I’m really happy for him, but my biggest accomplishment over the last 24 hours was successfully eating cereal with a fork, so I’m also a little jealous and depressed. We at Log’s Blog think that Leo might be full of sh*t. In fact, this is what we foresee happening if Leo ever has to testify about this hole-in-one of his. (Law and Order Style)

Sockless’ Cross Examination:

Sockless: "So, you’re feeling pretty full of yourself, aren’t you Mr. Leo Fiyalko.”

Leo: "Why, yes I am! But, I’m a little sad. I’ve been playing golf for the last 60 years. I finally hit my first hole-in-one, and I wasn't even able to see it.”

Sockless: “Well thank you very much for stating the obvious Mr. Fiyalko. You didn’t see it go in…HA…You probably couldn’t even see a shade of green that late January day. My only question is this: How do you know your shot actually went in? You could have put the ball 200 yards in the woods and you wouldn’t have known the difference. Isn’t that right? Did you hear the ball hit the bottom of the cup? You must have one king kong-like hearing aid if that’s what happened. My bet is that you’ve been trying to hit a hole-in-one for the last sixty plus years, due to time constrictions and desperation, you completely made the whole shot up to make one last headline before you kicked the bucket. Isn’t that right Mr. Fiyalko? You’re a weak, helpless old man. I would think that you can’t even take a piss without someone pointing your wrinkly old cock’n’balls in the right direction. Did you even go golfing that fateful day? How much are you paying people to testify that you did indeed hit a hole-in-one?

Judge Ito: "Sockless, you’re badgering the witness!"

Sockless: “Sorry your honor… Lastly I would like to know who in their right mind goes golfing with a blind guy? They can’t drive the cart, they never know what club there picking out of their bag, they can never find their ball, and you always have to be watching them in case they fall in a pond or some shit. It’s called “Golf”, not “Walk around all day pissed off because some old, blind jackass is slowing down your round.”

Leo: “I have witnesses. They helped me pull my five iron out of the bag and watched as the ball went in the hole. Blind luck I guess.”

Sockless: Blind luck, huh? So, I see you’re smug and condescending as well. Give me a break. You might have well said you hit a 110 yard hole-in-one with your putter. That plaque hanging on that Florida country club wall to commemorate your historic achievement is a lie! Something stinks here. I want the truth! And yes Mr. Fiyalko……I can handle the truth. Nothing further.”

Sockless Dilemma


Anonymous said...

You are compassionless. As the father of a junior blind golfer I am offended by your post. Perhaps you should try actually getting out from in front of your computer and try a round of golf with a blind golfer. You might be suprised at the level of play and the competitiveness in the blind golfing community. But I suspect you only were going for the cheap laughs... sad.

Anonymous said...

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