Thursday, January 31, 2008

Puppy Bowl: Part Quatre

Le Cheff wanted a Puppy Bowl IV write-up with expert analysis and picks, but I didn’t think that was acceptable until our readers understood exactly what the Puppy Bowl is, and why it will one day pass the Super Bowl in ratings, fan fare, and excitement.

You see, Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl combines all of those things we typically equate with good in life. It’s got the puppies, which are obviously very cute (even if sometimes too rambunctious for me), as well as jazz music, bountiful amounts of water, toys, the Kitten Bowl halftime show, tailgate exclusives, poop/pee, and of course the water cam bowl - all in HD for the first time ever!

Get out. The Puppy Bowl was cool enough when it was on regular cable, but this added bonus of HD just puts PB IV on another level. Plus, renowned NFL Films announcer Harry Kalas will handle the play-by-play for the mega event; breaking down the pups, in all their puptasticness, from the moment they enter the sold out arena. Ya, I know, I'm excited too.

It seems like the Puppy Bowl producers have set a 3 month age limit for the pups, so that means many of the past fan favorites like Barry the Poodle (PB II), the siblings Bomber, Buster, and Buffy (PB III), and Quesadilla (PB III) will not be returning. However, we’ll never forget their never say die attitudes and courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

From the looks of it, the new cast of characters will provide some of the same great theatrics that the old celebrity-pups have made us come to expect.

Some Puppy Bowl IV players include:

Who names their dog Janet? It’s an animal, not a 45 year old elementary school teacher.

I’ll make one prediction now; I think Kodiak is the next star to come out of the Puppy Bowl. Attucker, Jack the Lab, Raven, Jackson, and Scuba all seem to be formidable as well. I might come back with an injury report and some odds tomorrow, but for now, enjoy the clip. (Watch it. It’s only 1:30min long and it’s a joke):

Finally, it’s that time of the year. After months of waiting and anticipation, the big game is upon us. Media day is over, and the athletes are left to focus on the task at hand. They take the field on Sunday at 3:00pm, and the Bowl runs for three hours. I can’t wait.

Matthew D. Arrowhead

Puppy Bowl