Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shocking, Breaking News!!

Oh my god, I can't believe what I just read! But really, who would have predicted this!?

Brett Farve isn't sure if he's going to be returning to the Green Bay Packers next year. Before the Green Bay loss to the Giants, Favre hinted that he would be coming back, but now says he's going to mull it over for a few weeks- which means we'll probably be waiting at least 4-5 months before we have a decision from the clown- and that's if were lucky.

Here's what the Ole' Gunslinga had to say:

"The game the other day will not play into my decision making. I'm not going to let one game affect my future one way or another. I think it's more whether I'm willing to go through the journey and the ups and downs. What if we start 4-0? Great. What if we start 0-4? Then how will I react? Do I want to put in the time in the off-season to prepare? That will decide it more than anything else."

This quote was taken from Favre over the last couple days, but really I could have pulled an exact replica from some ESPN archives across the last 3 years. I gotta go. I’m running to CVS for a barf bag or Walmart for a pistol.

Matt Arrowhead