Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chris Lofton Says, "3-pointer I just want to hold you all night long. I don't care who knows it, or if society will accept our love. I Heart you!"

Basketball purists hate Tennessee guard Chris Lofton with unrelenting passion. They want to strip him of his manhood in front of everyone he loves and trusts. To them 3-pointers are repugnant, and Lofton-because he shoots so many- makes them sick.

Every headline for the Tennessee men’s basketball team seems to read one of two ways.
“Lofton’s 3-point Barrage Lifts Vols to Win”

“Lofton Can’t Find Mark From Deep as Vols Lose”

Lofton loves shooting 3-pointers. In fact in a recent interview he responded with “I’d quit and move to St. Louis” when asked what he’d do if the NCAA abolished the 3-point arc. It almost seems like Chris is delusional and thinks there's a burning tar pit inside the 3-point stripe. He refuses to enter.

Another possibility is this -that Lofton hates 2-pointers and doesn’t have any other alternative on the basketball court. Did 2-pointers sleep with his girlfriend or call his mother a whore? Did they steal his lunch money growing up or give him swirlies every day at recess? I don’t know, but his obsession with 3-pointers has to come from somewhere.

Only 11 players in the NCAA attempt more 3-pointers per game than Lofton. And, most of these guys are from smaller schools that- if I really think about it-probably don’t even exist. Robert Vayden is the only name that pops out on the list, but he plays at UAB, so ya, nevermind. Not one other player from a power conference shoots more 3's on average.

Sadly, 10 of the 11 guys that do shoot more 3's than Lofton also shoot at a higher percentage. But guess what, the madness doesn’t end there. Really, it’s just beginning.

Here’s Some Stats:

  • Lofton has shot 168 3-pointers this year through 19 games. He’s only taken a total of 225 shots, which means 3-point attempts account for 75% of his shots.
  • He’s made 83 field goals this year. 61 of those field goals have been three pointers, so 73% all of his makes are 3’s.
  • He has 276 points total, and 183 of those points have come off 3’s. So, 66% of his scoring output is from 3-point makes.
  • When you add free throws to the equation, only 17% of his baskets are from 2-point buckets.
  • He shoots 8.8 threes a game. Moreover, Tennessee has blown out around 3-4 teams where Lofton’s only played anywhere between 22-26 minutes. In fact, he’s on pace to shoot 20 more threes than he did last year when he chucked up 253 three point attempts.
  • Currently, he is average 14.5 ppg and shooting a meek 36% from 3-point land, compared to last year when he averaged 20.8 pp and shoot 42% from the three point strip.
  • He averages just a little over 2 apg.

So, Chris is struggling this year, but that hasn’t stopped him from shooting, and shooting, and shooting, and shooting, and shooting, and shooting, and shooting. Usually a guard like Lofton will get at least one easy bucket from a fast break steal or a leak out, but only 17% of his points are coming from 2’s, so he must shoot-threes even on breakaways where no defender is in front of him. Wow, how annoying would he be in a pick-up game at the local rec. center?

Maybe Lofton's love of 3's is actually more of an obsession. A sick and never ending 3-point addiction that will ultimately end in bloodshed, the destruction of 2 third world countries, and a pandemic of some sort. We can never be sure what's on the horizon when love takes a fatal turn.We can only pray and hope that the young man gets help before its too late.

Note: Last night, Lofton hit 5 threes on his way to 23 points in a 93-86 victory over Alabama.

Matt Arrowhead

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mjenks said...

Wow. A Robert Vaden reference. I had forgotten about that guy.

Guy said...

Remember that fadeaway three he hit two years ago against Winthrop to win in the 2v15 game? Ever since then he thinks hes untouchable.

sammich said...

remember in salim stoudemire's senior season when he was 55% from 3 point range. i do

Anonymous said...

salim doesn't remember it though. that's what happens when your super-high every single day.

Anonymous said...

I remember Chris Lofton getting away with traveling before he that shot.