Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Baggin' Saggin' Barack

With both a presidential race and a season on the horizon, Lorne Michaels and the rest of the brains behind Saturday Night Live are starting to hand out satirical roles for the candidates. Apparently when Barack Obama came up in the discussions, it was decided that Keenan Thompson was a little too hefty to play him. That, however, will not stop Keenan.

His quote from contactmusic.com:

"It's going to be a real political year and I'd hate for the show to have to seek somebody out to play Obama when they have me sitting there." The funnyman hopes to lose 60 pounds (27.2 kilograms) off his 260 pound (117.9 kilograms) frame so he can portray trim Obama.

It seems like just yesterday that Keenan was pulling airplanes and other foreign objects out of Baggin’ Saggin’ Barry’s pants, saying weird French phrases out of a bathtub, and watching Kel drink too much orange soda. Now he’s to the point where he is losing weight for a role. He’s just grown up so fast.

It’s funny that this story comes up, because I had a conversation with a few guys this weekend about Keenan and his upbringing in the sketch-comedy world. It’s as if the SNL guys were scouting him out since All That, saying “this kid has a future with us; he’s good” as if All That was the minor leagues of SNL.

Some possible added on cast members in the future include Amanda Bynes, Josh Server, Lori Beth Denberg (that makes two LBD references on Log’s Blog-- impressive), and Danny Tamberelli.



sammich said...

this really hits home. it brings back memories of staying in on saturday night when i was young watching snick

Buzzsaw said...

I actually thought it was the SNL minors growing up. BTW, Amanda Bynes is way to hot to be on SNL.

Buzzsaw said...

Oh, and he's awful on SNL, I hope they do outsource.

mjenks said...

Is Amanda over 18 yet? Cause, if not, the judge said I can't comment on how much I'd like to diddle her.

mjenks said...

Jesus. Never mind. She's 21 and full-on boneable at this point.

Never underestimate what a little research can do, kids.

Christ I'm an idiot.

Constant Comment said...


you're obession with nick puts a smile on my face.You've gotta at least do a donkey lips write up. check the email. I'll send what I have.

Can kennan really be funny without all of the weight? I don't see it working.

Sense Is Common said...

can he be funny with the weight?

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