Thursday, August 30, 2007

NBC Knows Its Audience

Allow me to describe a typical Sunday night from last football season to you. I had just watched my Browns lose. I was probably losing in my fantasy league. But I was still fired up for some Sunday night football. Even if “Sunday Night Football” is defined as Bills-Seahawks.

Then, NBC decided it was the play to bring Pink, the artist (a term used loosely) on to sing the pregame song. Talk about a buzzkill. It’s a remake of a Joan Jett song, retitled “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.” Here’s what NFL on NBC producer Fred Gaudelli had to say about picking Pink:

A football fan knows the anticipation of waiting all day for the big game. When you hear this song on Sunday nights you'll know the big game is about to kick off. ... We chose Pink as the signature voice because she is a tremendous talent with a crossover appeal that makes her relevant to all segments of our audience.

Good thinking Fred.

After that debacle, NBC has wised up and decided to use some common sense. The new opening singer for the program will be Faith Hill, who will be performing the same song that Pink used to. Just better. And hotter.

That’s right. So let’s review.

NBC’s target audience: football fans, mostly males, sometimes “hicks”

NBC's first try: an emo pink haired freak that is not at all attractive

NBC’s second try: a very attractive (read: hot) blonde country singer

Thank you for wising up, NBC.

I’ll be waiting for Sunday night.

[USA Today]


Buzzsaw said...

It could be much, much worse. At least she's hot, is she a MILF yet?

the cheat said...

All a matter of opinion...but Pink is hotter.

Plus, Hill looks like my sister in law.

Anonymous said...

Give me Faith Hill any day or night(especially night). Pink looks like a used up porn whore. Besides Pinks day in the sun is over(what's that smell?).

Anonymous said...

You think Pink, (obviously a guy, an ugly guy) in drag is better looking than Faith Hill ?

You are probably from Buffalo.

Rory said...

What's your sister-in-law's number?

kozmikkarma said...

First of all MILF? Egh.. Not that having kids or being a mom is bad but obviously you've never been with someone without kids. Much better. Second they are both hot in their own way and really cannot be compared. It would be like comparing hot dogs and hamburgers, both meat but different in substance. lol!
And as far as Pink being a used up porn whore? wow! A little harsh. Now I could see having a preference for one over the other but damn...It sounds like that guy is jealous because is sig. other is no comparison to either women. Like he's up to his eyes with puss and so above Pink that if he saw her in the club he'd be the one turning her down. Try the other way around. He'd be begging for her forgiveness! HA!Pink an ugly guy in drag? Like yourself? Some of these peeps must be blind, how do you type? Even if that were true I've seen some trannys that look as good if not better than most women anyways. What have we learned? That we have no lives, that the people defending Faith Hill are rednecks, and to be careful because it's hard to tell a really hot tranny from a really hot woman, unless you're into that sort of thing, then it doesn't much matter.

kozmikkarma said...

Oh yeah, and last time I checked being a freak isn't a bad thing...

Jonathan said...

Faith is smoking hot

Anonymous said...