Thursday, August 30, 2007

Santana Shellshocked

The great province of Minnesota is known for many things. Hockey, a big mall, bridge building skills, a few lakes, Johan Santana, producing the first fully functional human clone which was named Francisco Liriano, and they way their citizens struggle saying the letter "o." I never hated the poor little Canadian annex until I met my roommate from Minneapolis who loves MN sports. The fact is, all of their teams are so fucking bad and so I'm obliged to hate them, and my roommate. When the big Twins, Indians series approached on Tuesday night, things got tense, well for me at least, since my team is in contention.

The Twins scare me because they are boring. They don't have a hitter batting over .300 right now and there are 2 exciting players in the lineup, Hunter and Mauer (no relation to Kaitlin, different spelling). Don't bore me and say Morneau is cool because no one has ever seen the pasty Canadian smile, get pissed off, pumped up, cry, talk, or breathe. Boring teams win. Ask the Spurs, the Patriots, The Red Sox.

There was that one match up that I was looking forward to this season and for the second time it was CC vs Santana. Let's recap the following Santana starts vs the Tribe this year.

Cleveland - 5, MN - 3
Fausto Carmona vs Johan.
Cleveland - 2, MN - 0
Fausto Carmona vs Johan. Back to back homers in the 7th by Victor Martinez and Ryan Garko.
MN - 3, Cleveland - 2
Johan Santana vs Jake Westbrook. No decision for Santana, Borowski blows the game. Wow
Cleveland - 5, MN - 2
CC vs Santana.

So the Indians were up 2-0 in the series before Wednesday night and the two aces squared off again. To my surprise and shock they lit him up in the bottom half of the first. Four runs, on 10 hits for Santana last night in another loss to the Tribe. That gives him a solid 0-4 record and makes the Indians the only team to beat him more than two times in a season. In retrospect, if the Indians let Santana pitch to them in a World Series for all four games, Cleveland would have their title. Yea, it's like that. As far as the playoff race goes, I'm still not confident. The wild card is coming out of the East or West this year and the Indians can't beat either the Yanks or BoSox. It's almost September. That's close to October. And this all reminds me that college football kicks off tonight and I will have a boner until it does. Have a nice day.


mjenks said...

The first girl I thought I was going to marry was from Minnesota. She had that funny accent thing going for her. I also understood why it was the "Twin Cities" after meeting her.

But, yeah, I pretty much dislike all of the Minnesota teams. This post really speaks to me. Thanks.

Jeffrey said...

haha maybe a bit too soon for bridge jokes???

Buzzsaw said...

You know it's bad when Joe Mauer is listed as an "exciting player."

Guy said...