Friday, August 31, 2007

Dana White is PISSED

I've been a big fan of the UFC for about 3 years now and I'm glad to see it is growing. What can I say, I love to see people beat each other's asses and boxing doesn't do it for me. For those of you uneducated asshats, Dana White is the president of the UFC. He was questioned about steroids on Thursday and he had some great answers. It was only matter of time before the media started questioning these fighters about steroid usage. I'm sure a few guys have stabbed themselves with some needles but the sport is pure. First comes fighting technique and tactic, then comes strength. The fighters' workout regime is so intense that it makes sense for some of these guys to be HUGE. White has been talking down steroids trying to get some credibility but when he was asked about testing fighters he blew up:

"What would happen every Sunday every time an NFL player put his cleats on and headed out to the field they were tested by the government for steroids?" White queried Thursday from a podium inside the Mandalay Bay Events Center. "You want me to tell you? There would be no football, OK? Football would be over. Every player would be on suspension. Maybe the quarterback and the kicker would be out there on Sunday."
Is Dana White insinuating that Damon Huard DOESN'T shoot up? He really can't think that David Akers isn't on 'roids can he? I swear if he even accuses sexy Rexy I will never watch another fight.

There have been 82 positive results for steroids in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) since it was installed in 2006. Nine of those have involved UFC fighters and the punishment is a one year suspension, which I would think should scare fighters away from juicing. Dana White has a new idea for roid ragers though:
"It's just, you know ... What do you want me to do? Start beating them with a stick? Drag them out to the middle of town and have all the villagers stone them to death? I mean, they lose the ability to make a living for a year (for testing positive). That's pretty harsh."
I've always wanted to stone someone...

Dana White

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Buzzsaw said...

I haven't gotten into the UFC, I think I could eventually. Those fighters are fucking nuts, I can't believe there haven't been more than 9 in the last year. But how many guys were actually fighting in the last year? It's probably a relatively high percentage. I like the severity of the suspensions though.