Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Boring Information Below

The GOP presidential hopefuls had a debate tonight. Top Dems held a similiar type debate about a month ago. I think this is nuts. The election cycle is now so ridiculous that policy is being pushed to the back burner earlier and earlier.

I really hope that people start doing their own research now in preparation for the election that is in Nov of 08'. Maybe then we won't rely on a bunch of bullshit that's spread across 6-10 debates over the next 16-20 months. Remember, as Log mentioned to me, not many people are informed enough to take political positions. I blame the media and the politicians themselves, but nonetheless it's our responsibility to become informed and make the entire system more accountable.

What is the role of goverment?

If you can't give me an articulate answer to that question, you shouldn't be allowed to vote. The debates, the media, and most uniformed Americans complicate the issue. Once you really know what's is important for a government to do/ what they really need not care about, the picture becomes much more clear. Only one difficult hurdle is left to cross when answering the question. You have to remove selfishness from your answer because its not what's best for you, but what's best for the United States.

I will give my answer to the question above in a very long and boring article tomorrow. People might want to consider going out and "researching" what they believe in, and maybe even more importantly, why. It's too important to ignore.

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Logan said...

I definitely count myself as one of the people who needs to do more research, but luckily we have some time to catch up. I really wanted to watch the debate but I had to go to class. I definitely need to get DVR/TiVo. I know I aleady told Daris about this, but I found a pretty good site that has some articles that relate to both sides of the political spectrum. Its called Check it out.

I think the most important thing Daris said was about voting for what you think is best for the country and not was is best for yourself. I think the main problem with politics today is people doing things for the wrong reasons, whether its congressmen who won't pass good bills because they are afraid of angering people who donate lots of money or people who cast their vote based on who is more likeable and then complain about their policies after the candidate is elected.

Everyone complains about the hidden agendas and lack of honesty in politics today. These people need to look in the mirror because it is their ignorance that allows politicians to get away with it. If everyone did their homework and used it to make informed decisions and speak out politicians would be forced to be much more accountable. So basically like DW said, start reading.

Bish said...
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Bish said...

I agree 100% with your belief that the political cycle is getting absolutely rediculous. However, in a nation where only about half of the population actually gets out and votes I feel that the earlier it begins, the more people each candidate is able to reach and possiible influence enough to get out and vote.

Yet, along with what Logan said in his reply, the government has become a representative not for what one candidate feels in best for the country as a whole or even for the American individual, but for what is best for their particular party. Its almost become a big game to see who can do the best job of earning support not from the people themselves but from big business. This is where the American population can find blame in itself and no one else.

Our lack of interest and lack of participation in governmental activities has almost made the independent individual and their opinion obsolete come voting time. If a candidate wants to hold a position in office, why waste time trying to earn the support of one person who may not even vote when they can try to earn support from a well known company who can reach out to a much wider audience and throw a few dollars in the direction of the candidate as well?

Unfortunately, as I wrote this I realized more and more that by no means have I helped to change this situation in any way, shape or form. Even though we are a good ways away from election time, you can never start researching and reading up.

About Health Blog said...

These people need to look in the mirror because it is their ignorance that allows politicians to get away with it.