Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Spurs' Case

It pains me to write this article because my friends from Northeast Ohio deserve nothing more than a championship.. in something. While the Spurs are probably the best case scenario in terms of possible Western Conference opponents for Cleveland, it won't matter because the West is just too talented for anyone from the East, because...

Experience -- No one on the Cavs starting five has even a game of experience in the NBA finals. Mike Brown has been there, but I doubt he'll be talking about it since that would take away from time he could be talking about defense. In contrast to Cleveland, Tim Duncan's Spurs have been to three NBA Finals and won three championships. Basically the entire team is still intact from the 2005 team that beat the Pistons (Kerscher is still stinging from that, I'm sure).
Lebron -- I am of the camp that believes the only Cavs advantage is Lebron, and Cleveland can only go as far as he carries them. However, it will take an even greater effort than he showed against the Pistons. The Spurs let a team's stars get their points, they look to shut down everyone else completely. Take the Utah series for example:

Game 1: Deron- 34 pts, 9 rebs, 7 ast Boozer- 20 pts, 12 rebs Result: Lost by 8
Game 2: Deron- 26pts, 10 reb, 4 ast Boozer- 35pts, 15 rebs Result: Lost by 9
So, no matter how ridiculous Lebron plays, someone else is going to have to step up, which will be difficult with these match-ups:

Boobie/Hughes/Snow v Parker: Advantage Spurs- Parker led San Antonio to the Championship in 2005 and he's only gotten better, he's improved his shot to the point where he just doesn't miss from inside the three point line. He relentlessly penetrates the lane, either drawing fouls or getting easy layups. It honestly doesn't matter who tries to match up against him, Parker will titty fuck any of them.

Pavlovic v Manu/Finley: Advantage Spurs- Pavlovic plays better D, I'll give him that, but he absolutely cannot score. Manu has been killing people from three the entire postseason, and Finley is a proven scorer who will be playing harder than anyone trying to win his first championship. This should be a fun match-up to watch because, as with any match-up involving two dirty foreigners, Manu v. Sasha should give us plenty of inappropriate touching.

Lebron v Bowen: Advantage Spurs- Bowen is to defense what Lebron is to offense, he's the King. He takes the opponents best pla... just kidding, Lebron could shit on Bowen's chest and they'd call a blocking foul. Bowen will be in foul trouble the entire series and Lebron will get whatever he wants. The only thing stopping Lebron this series, or any, is himself or possibly something with the birth of his second child, but he's already said he won't miss a game. I would love to see this Cavs team play a Finals game against the Spurs without Lebron though, they'd seriously be way worse than the Grizzlies, especially with Hughes hurt.

Gooden v. Oberto/Elson: Advantage Push- Who gives a shit? These guys won't matter, but Oberto has been stepping up this postseason.

Z v. Duncan: Advantage Spurs- Z has seemingly gotten old this postseason, he just hasn't been the same. When he gets out of the lane he is still consistently hitting his shots, but like the rest of the Cavs he's been too passive. Duncan has been absolutely unbelievable this postseason, the Cavs have no chance of stopping him. Jeff Van Gundy said in SI, "In my 20 years in the NBA, Duncan is the best big to play the game." Also, I was surprised to find out that, with this series win, Duncan will be even with Shaq at four rings apiece. He will have done this three years earlier than Shaq who everyone considers a championship machine. This is pretty groundbreaking, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say Duncan is underrated.

Coaching/Intangibles: Advantage Spurs- Greg Popovich is the best coach in the NBA in my opinion, and I think Mike Brown is probably in the bottom five. I don't believe there will be any type of "Nellie-factor" here because there is a huge difference between their roles in building their previous teams. Nellie built the Mavs to what they presently are and Avery Johnson disciplined and fine- tuned them into a championship contender. Brown was basically along for the ride, learning as much from Popovich as possible. The Cavs could have signed a great, proven coach for this team (Larry Brown), but they wanted someone that would allow Lebron to be the leader. Mike Brown a great defensive coach, but not head coach... Lebron is the head everything.

The Spurs are also the beneficiaries of having home court advantage in the 2-3-2 finals format. If they take care of the first two games at home, the series is basically over (albeit most would have said that about the Pistons). However, the Spurs are 32-16 on the road this year and 5-2 on the road this playoffs... in the Western Conference, this stat is unbelievable.
Basically, I don't see much hope for the Cavs in this, their first NBA Finals series. The Spurs should take care of the first two games at home and I expect them to split the next two games in Cleveland leaving game five as the first Cleveland elimination game which should be a toss up, but I'll take the Spurs in 5.


Logan said...

Buzzsaw said,
A little FYI .. safe search doesn't always work when searching google images, especially when your looking for "gay guys cuddling" or "Cleveland Steamer"
June 7, 2007 12:30 AM

BigLots said...

Buzzsaw, I liked the titty fuck line and I only have one problem with this article. I thought Pavlovic was awful on defense and good on offense. Didn't he say something like "my offense is my defense" and that's why Brown never played him early in the year?
June 7, 2007 7:31 AM

Guy said...


Yes that is true-- Sasha said that last year and thats why Brown never played him. He got his act together this year, though.

He is supposed to be good on offense but I don't know what happened. He lost some confidence on the way during these playoffs and it is really frustrating to watch. The guy has to get his jumper back for this series... thats for sure.
June 7, 2007 8:41 AM

Buzzsaw said...

Yea, I got that mixed up .. but if this were an NBA court, and his offense was his defense, he'd be thrown in jail for quite sometime

Buzzsaw said...

Biglots .. Does the gay guy on the right remind you of Rory Nellis?? I think it might be him

what_is_this_car_doing said...

First off let me say that I enjoyed your thoughts and creative use of both wit and pictures. This was almost like reading FreeDarko without the awkward feeling and desire to take a shower afterwards. Anyways, yes, I can still tell you in detail what I was doing during the Pistons 4th quarter collapse (and it was a collapse) in Game 7 of the 2005 Finals. That will be a day forever etched in my memory.

And while I write this on the eve of Game 2 (and keeping in mind that Game 1 didn't look very promising) I want our dear Cleveland friends to know that back in 2004 my friends and I were told by everyone in the country that our beloved team didn't have a chance.

That being said, good luck guys. Just be thankful that Pops doesn't fear you enough to have an expendable player (ie Big Shot Bob) take out your best player in order to gain an advantage by hoping someone else will come off the bench and get suspended by the league. Although, doing such to LeBron would probably result in immediate expulsion from the NBA.

Finally, I am surprised nobody has touched on the sure war of flop that will take place between one Anderson Varejao and Manu Ginobili. This promises to be a bitch fest of epic proportions. That was a softball guys...come on.

what_is_this_car_doing said...

by the way, thanks for the shout-out.

Anonymous said...

So, Lebron will get whatever he wants from Bruce Bowen? Yeah.

Health Blog said...

However, it will take an even greater effort than he showed against the Pistons.