Monday, June 4, 2007

Paris Goes to Jail

I know most people won't find the title of this post funny, but I do because it reminds me of this.
Paris reported for jail today after having egg salad sandwiches for her last meal. Isn't the last meal only important if you're about to fucking die, not spend less than a month in jail? Normally I wouldn't even consider this news but there is a chance we get a sex tape out of it.

Paris Goes to Jail (from


KingKongBundy said...

So I am reading this and I look up to see that Paris is not only on my laptop but on the TV. I'm not possitive about all the incidents she's been in but I belive drunk driving, hitting some meaningless pedestians, giving road head are some of her shining moments. Then as I listen to her original cult classica of a music video, I realize that she really did have it right...the stars are blind. This could be a possible reason for all of these mishaps, not coke. Or it could give strangth to my bill that I am trying to get passed making it illegal for women to drive, because as we all know, we are not equal.

Buzzsaw said...

I think the egg salad is definetly important in this case. As we all know, egg salad makes one's nethers smell like spoiled milk, it's a defense technique that people normally use to ward off potential mates in jail. It doesn't really work for men though, inmates don't seem to be bothered by the sent of their holes; it's probably worse than egg salad.

Daris said...

i can post the paris sex tape if anyone is interested. You know this site will surely turn into a smut site soon as Log is a convicted sex offender. (I also have a sex tape thats been circulating from circa 2002 if anyone wants to see how to execute the stranger). I will write an article tonight. I just have no idea what it is going to be about yet, probably a rant of some sort.

Medicine said...

You know this site will surely turn into a smut site soon as Log is a convicted sex offender.