Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gary Sheffield: Ignorant Prick

Gary Sheffield is a fucking idiot. Baseball definitely has its fair share of stupid executives and probably even some racist ones. But if he actually thinks that the "higher ups" are somehow controlling which players scouts evaluate, sign, and promote, just so that they can somehow silence the African-American voice, then he needs to get in touch with reality. Keep in mind that this is coming from the same person who responded to a question about Shawn Green missing a game for a Jewish holiday by saying, "Religion is important as long as you're worshipping the right God" (Deadspin).The lack of African-Americans in baseball is a problem and I don't think that MLB is the cause of it. If anything its probably something that has bothered them since it represents a huge market they are missing out on, both as a fan base and talent pool. A major problem is one that is shared with soccer in the United States. Both sports tend to be played by middle class white youth. Young African-American's, especially in the inner city, are more drawn towards basketball and football. I do think there are a number of things baseball could do to help rectify this situation, but the bottom line is there is a huge difference between not doing enough to fix a problem and being the actual cause of it.

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Dr. Health said...

Both sports tend to be played by middle class white youth.