Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Random Thoughts

I thought I'd copy Daris' post format since it will allow me to comment on a few things without having to say too much about one subject since, well, my brain is basically off today. Just to prove my point, I was listening to a voice recording at dealership, you know the whole, "Press one for service, two for parts, etc" thing. Instead of pressing two on the phone I pressed two on my computer and waited for someone to answer. And its only Tuesday. Anyway....

  • I added a hit tracker to the bottom of the site. Check it out if you want to see how few people actually visit this site.
  • In regards to Billy Donovon, I don't see why he would have wanted to leave in the first place. He already endured three years of Joakim Noah, and what could be worse than that?
  • Let it be known that I am really, really hoping that the Cavs can somehow knock off the Spurs. Besides the fact that I hate the Spurs because they are dirty (that's referencing both their play and Manu Ginobli), some of my good friends at school are from Northeast Ohio and no one deserves it more than them. I haven't decided if I think the Cavs can actually pull it off yet. Maybe more on that tomorrow.
  • The Stanley Cup Final is going on right now. Just thought I'd let everyone know. That's all on that.
  • Here's a link that Brian sent me that can add some fuel to the fire of the debate about trashy fans. Who knows, it might even start another argument about that school in Ohio. Trashiest Sports Fans By the way a quote from Brian, "My search for that was 'white sox trash Wendys'."
Thats all I've got for now. Some stuff to look forward to for the rest of the week you can expect for the rest of the week:
    • Another article from Daris
    • Review of season 3 of 'Rescue Me' by Tim
    • Review of Freakonomics--I know its like two years old but I just got around to reading it
    • NBA Finals preview--if anyone is interested in writing this who follows NBA more than me let me know
    • More pointless rambling


BigLots said...

Obviously, some random guys list of the top five trashiest fan bases should be used as fact. That list is ridiculous. Number one isn't even a sports franchise.

BigLots said...

Also, after doing a quick google search I shockingly found no mention of any Wendy's promotion with the White Sox. Don't you think it is a little ridiculous for a Major League franchise to give away free tickets for eveyone who buys Wendy's fries? That is insane. A minor league franchise wouldn't even do that. I refuse to believe that it actually happened. If it truly did happen then I will be the first to admit that that is embarrassing. Show me any evidence of that please.

Guy said...

Thanks for the encouragement with the Cavs. If you want to read the only writer (that I've seen anyway) that thinks the Cavs have a shot, read TrueHoop on ESPN.com.

Buzzsaw said...

Daris is writing about the Finals right?? If not, I'd be willing to write about why the Spurs are going to win and someone can counter with why the Cavs will, but I think you said Daris was... If that's the only guy who thinks so McCready, you're lucky, he's one of the best

Daris said...

I read the true hoop article and it is ridiculous. He said Lebron was 21-43, and could have made 15 of those 22 missed shots. What?

He also said Lebron could shoot 70% a game against the Spurs defense. Greg Popovich has a great defensive mind and will have his team ready to make the Cavs work for every bucket.
The Spurs have looked entirely too impressive this postseason to think the Cavs have a shot in this series. Lebron would have to play out of his mind every game and it would still be almost impossible. I ABSOLUTELY HATE the Spurs, but they are a very very good team. Spurs in 5 or 6.

Guy said...

The TrueHoop article isn't saying that he necessarily should have hit 15 of those 22 shots, just that 15 of those 22 were makeable. LeBron isn't going to hit all of his open jumpers-- we all know how streaky he is. His point is that the Spurs defense didn't lock down LeBron as well as they would like to.

That said, as a Cavs fan that catches as many games as I can, I don't recall any games where LeBron shot lights out over 70%-- that was a truly ridiculous claim.

The key for the Cavs is everyone else. If Sasha Pavlovic, Daniel Gibson, Damon Jones and Donyell Marshall start hitting threes like the Warriors against the Mavericks in the first round, the Cavaliers will be in this. The problem is, I have no reason to believe that 3 of those 4 (Boobie the fourth) will be factors at all. If these guys start hitting shots, the lane will open up for LeBron to have his way with Bruce Bowen's dirty ass.

Thursday can't come soon enough.

Buzzsaw said...

I don't think you should even consider things like the Warriors 3-pt shooting in round one when making a prediction. Of course a team is going to win if they shoot like that. In my view, Lebron is the only advantage that the Cavs have in this series, albeit a huge one.

Dr. Health said...

In regards to Billy Donovon, I don't see why he would have wanted to leave in the first place.