Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All-Star Game Festivities Marred After Prince Fielder Eats Jose Reyes

Some leftover thoughts from the tragic event.

  • Was anyone else rooting for Eric Byrnes to drown?
  • I think I would emptyboth my savings account and my checking account to find out what in the name of God could Ichiro and Manny Ramirez have been talking about after Ichiro’s inside the park home run.
  • There was a very nice moment in the AL dugout when the three Indians players (Martinez, Sabathia, and Sizemore) engaged in a very, very long three way hug for no apparent reason.
  • It’s really great having Tim McCarver around. He enlightened us with little tidbits like “You don’t have to throw a strike to get one,” and “If David Ortiz’s hobby wasn’t cooking his nickname would be Little Papi.” The second one literally silenced the room where I was watching the game.
  • Another question. If you’re a woman who is going to be performing on national TV and you’re even considering raising your arm over your head, don’t you have to at least think about shaving your armpits within the last week? That was just gross.
  • Pretty funny moment in the 8th (or maybe 9th) when the home plate umpire got drilled in the shoulder and FOX decided to cut to his mike. And I quote, "God DAMN IT that hurt!"
  • When you were a kid did you ever play that game where you try to think of a sentence that you thought no one in the history of the world has ever said before? Well, I got a good one. “Dmitri Young legs out an infield hit.”

That's all.


Buzzsaw said...

It didn't bother anyone that Joe Buck acted like he watched Entourage when they were comparing Russell Martin to Turtle? I say acting because he said "Turtle loves his sneakas" about three times, sooo weird.

Logan said...

Haha yeah that was really weird. Also I didn't think Russell Martin looked like Turtle at all.

Buzzsaw said...

Joe Buck has really turned a corner since categorizing Randy Moss' fake moon as a "disgusting act." Otherwise he probably would have thrown up watching Drama and Turtle's discussion of rim jobs.

Buzzsaw said...

Also, every time they showed Brian Roberts I got confused and thought Barry Zito was still on the A's and still a good pitcher.

Guy said...

Since you bring up Prince Fielder, it reminds me of a Cecil Fielder that my friend swears by to this day. I'm not sure if I buy it-- you be the judge:

He claims he was at the Indians game against whoever Cecil was playing for at that time (Tigers? I don't know). Fielder gets to first base. Sometime during the inning he has reason to slide into second or third foot first (it doesn't really matter which) and my friend claims ketchup and mustard were all over the back of his pants. Fielder had a hot dog in his back pocket. This isn't the type of guy to lie, but I feel like we would have heard more about it.

Guy said...

my typo's are out of control lately---

"a Cecil Fielder story"

Daris said...


Matt Jenks said...

I don't care if that story is real or not, it's damned funny. I spent a good two minutes laughing my stupid ass off after reading that.

Jeffrey said...
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