Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lunch Cast

More Boredom

This is what I am doing over my "lunch break". I need to grow up.


Guy said...

A few things

1. These podcasts are ridiculous. As mentioned in this one, I had a wisdom tooth taken out today and I had gauze in my mouth when listening to one of the first three. I could barely keep my mouth shut laughing at that road rage story. As for the Vicadin, I don't even have any since he just pulled the tooth (it wasn't impacted). Sorry.

2. David Blaine-- I used to love that sidewalk magic shit he would do, but those NBA playoff commercials were painful. Nearly as bad as the constant All-American Rejects songs during the NBA Draft.

3. You mention the Cavaliers so I feel like this is my excuse to bring this up. My friends and I are still about 5 years less mature than our actual ages, so sometimes we call pizzas to people that we know's houses and watch them get delivered. One of our XU friends lives near Damon Jones and got me his address. I don't want to get everyone too excited, but my plan is for some of us to ride up to Cleveland, "fire him off a peetz" (as we call it), and videotape it from the car. 65% chance he opens the door high off his ass and just buys the thing, right? Hopefully we can make this happen.

BigLots said...

haha you absolutely have to fire one off to damon jones. That would be fantastic.

Silent Night said...

In response to the JFK Memorial Bridge:

- Construction began in the spring of 1961 and was completed in late 1963 at a cost of $10 million dollars.

- The naming of the bridge was not a byproduct of a Kennedy having inhabited either Jeffersonville IN or Lousiville, KY. The bridge had yet to be named when JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963. It was only then that the Kentucky Govenor, who was Bert T. Combs at the time, announced that there was wide agreement that the bridge would be named in Kennedy's honor.

- So, as far as the Municipal legislature of Kentucky is concerned, you might just want to keep your opinion to yourself because I highly doubt that any name changes will occur.

Recycle, out.

Daris said...

silent night,

i hope you didn't think I was seriously considering talking to the local government about changing the name, if so I'd be afraid to see your IQ scores. I know I can't stop you from listening to my "Poorman's Podcast", but I'll ask you politely to stop.

Weird people creep me out, sorry, but I do like the name! Very festive.

Silent Night said...


Your podcasts are platitudinous and futile. You obviously do not understand how the world works.

If you want to listen to something worth while, look me up.

Silent Night

Buzzsaw said...

I say there's a 65% chance LeBron AND Amon open the door wearing nothing but bath robes

Daris said...

you can put your thesaurus away.

1. you aren't as dumb as I thought you were, but still, answer me honestly, did you really think I was serious with that comment?

If no, and you were just trying to be a smart ass, more power to you. You’re perfect material for more of my "futile" podcasts.

If yes, you're the dumbest man ever to use the word "platitudinous' guaranteed.

2. I don't know what that word means, but I think you just found out, so I'm not really sweating it.

3. You should be a test writer for the verbal section of the SAT.

4. I'm the most immature 23 yr old of all time. I'd venture a guess that you've at least once considered abducting a kid, but I'm too old sir. The pond is big on the internet go get a fresh fish!!

Creppy internet lurker guy alert!!!!

later round yon virgin, and once again, I'll ask you politely to please stop being such a Creppy McCreperstein.

Buzzsaw said...

People who know what 'platitudinous' means know better than to use it because, along with the definition, they also know the problem involved with the word's usage ... you look like a douchebag.

BigLots said...

I actually laughed out loud when I read the word "platitudinous". Who the hell says shit like that?