Monday, July 9, 2007

For Your Enjoyment: Links

Phil Hellmuth Crashes Racecar at Rio. Apparently it was some promotional event and he was going 172 mph. You can catch the video here. Rumor has it that after the crash, he was quoted muttering, “If it weren’t for cinder blocks, I’d win every race.”

Dan Patrick Done at ESPN. The next Bob Barker, perhaps?

Clay Aiken Shoved by Female Aboard Airplane. It says that Aiken’s foot was resting on another passenger’s armrest. The only way I can even picture that on an airplane is ignorantly going across the aisle or crossing legs and resting a foot against the person you are sitting next to.

*Is James Hetfield a Terrorist? After being investigated by UK airport officials who apparently didn't appreciate his "Taliaban-like beard," Hetfield persuaded them that he was a "rock star." I guess they're throwing that term around loosely nowadays.

*Link courtesty of Cheff


BigLots said...

For some reason Clay Aiken just annoys the absolute hell out of me. I really can't stand that guy. I pretty much hate everything involved with American Idol but he's probably the worst thing that show has ever produced.

Daris said...

guy you're right about Aiken, but coach is pretty tight, and we all know he can't even afford business class.

Buzzsaw said...

Big, you've probably never heard of Fantasia, if you think Clay Aiken is the worst thing to come from American Idol, please google her. Great work guy

Buzzsaw said...

I knew something would come from Chef's daily Metallica googling, about time.

Jase said...

FWIW, Aiken was asleep at the time and didn't realize his foot was on the armrest of the woman in front of him. And that flight didn't have a a first class - it was a commuter jumper from Houston to Tulsa.