Monday, July 9, 2007

Am I the Only One Appalled by This?

Maybe you have all noticed this before and I am just way behind (or maybe I'm just crazy), but this has become bothersome to me. I turn on Baseball Tonight, Sportscenter, whatever, and they’re showing baseball highlights. The Royals are playing the Devil Rays. I think. Or is it that the team from Toronto? Trying to distinguish between the shitty D-Rays and the no-prayer-in-the-AL-East-Jays isn’t worth my time and mind power. So I did some photo-searching via photo galleries on Before you read on, take a quick glance (1 to 2 seconds) of each picture and say in your mind which team each of them is.

After you ace that test to make me look like an ass hole, I will present you my two problems with the similarities of the uniforms:

1. The Blue Jays' away blacks say “Jays” across the front. And since I don’t give a shit enough about the D-Rays to know that they do not have black jerseys (they used to, see below), there is a possibility at first glance to me that it is them.

2. The Blue Jays' home whites also say “Jays” across the front. Compare that one with the Devil Rays home white vests. Maybe not spot on, but at a glance, it is shocking to me. I guess if you know that the D-Rays rock the vests and the Canadians do not, you’re a step or two ahead.

My conclusion is that both teams are at fault. The Blue Jays have been around longer, so when the Rays were getting their nickname, you had to see the similarity in names coming. “Blue Jays” and “Devil Rays”-- both two words, both end in “ays.” But if my memory serves me correctly, when the Rays entered the league, the Blue Jays uniforms were their Joey Carter classics. So the Rays establish their shitty jerseys, and a few years later apparently the Blue Jays owner felt the need to make a change. As the Jays’ owner, why do you come up with something remotely close to any team in the league, much less a team in your own division?

Here’s to July 30, 31 and August 1st-- the next time these two teams meet. Shockingly, none of the games are on national television. So study up on your jerseys before late July, and the highlights of the games will be meaningful to you.

It’s nice to have a place to rant.

Oh, and anytime you can get a pic of the Crime Dog in there, you gotta pull the trigger.


Daris said...

look at jose in the picture with the crime dog. I hope the Crime Dog tried to citizens arrest consesco for using steriods. If not, what kind of law enforement dog is he?

Guy said...

If I'm not mistaken, thats Vinny Castilla and Greg Vaughn in the picture as well, correct?

Daris said...

haha i think so. I forgot about Greg Vaughun. Tell me that guy wasn't on steriods for a couple years.