Monday, July 9, 2007

As if We Needed Another Reason to Hear About Barry Bonds

I'm not supporting or condemning Bonds, but I think it's fair to say all this talk is getting a little old. Well, now this. AOL Sports is reporting that Giants fans from a message board called found a way to vote for a player very quickly and numerous times (more than 25), which led to BB starting in his home town. It seems that no one besides talk radio is running with this story so far. Maybe that's because there's not much truth to it or maybe it's because message boards have even less credibility than blogs in the eyes of mainstream media. Either way I don't understand why the fans of the most controversial player in the game had to figure out how to cheat and not, you know, some nerdy Royals fans voting for Mark Teahen.


Daris said...

I will put the whole Barry Bonds fiasco to rest in a few short days. Everyone will leave their computer saying "That Barry is a hell of a guy, I can't belive I thought he was such a d-bag" and immediately send me $5.00-$7.50 for clearing up all of the confusion.

One more thing: Log, as you mention, the story isn't being picked up because no one cares about "voter fraud". Anytime an athlete makes up over 200k votes in less than a week one can be pretty sure some tomfoolery was involved. I know its happened a bunch over the last 10 years, I just don't feel like finding other examples. The only reason its even being talked about on radio is because its Bonds.

Moreover, most of Bond's fans are cheaters. I've always loved Bonds and I've been cheating since my 2nd grade spelling tests. More importantly, just like Bonds, I've never been caught (other than one sting operation a high school accounting teacher pulled on me.)

Go Barry and go cheaters!

Daris said...

That AOL blog written by "Larry Brown " is the biggest joke in the world. I was going to post some of the harrassing comments from his articles that I was reading last night , but he had deleted them already.

He is now #994 on my '1200 People I Want to Punch in the Face' List right in between Bette Midler and "The Big Cat" Andres Galarraga (sp?..wait who cares)

Buzzsaw said...

The MLB lets fans vote an infinite amount of times, obviously opening the door for cheaters, which is surprising, it's not like they have a history of that or anything. Just like the players are on the honor code for not using HGH which they can't test for, fans aren't suppossed to actually vote one million times, even though it's possible. Also, I disagree that the media respects blogs more than message boards, the boards are where ESPN insiders get most of their info, they just never get cited, because the people on the boards are annonymous and it's a public forum, so they can't get accused of stealing when they don't credit the source.

Guy said...

Speaking of Bonds, how about that quote tonight?

I was listening to ESPN Radio on the way home, and the guys kept playing it over and over. It went something like this:

"I don't go out and get into trouble, I don't go to clubs, I don't (pause) do anything stupid."

The guys were SOLD that he paused because he was about to say "I don't do drugs," but decided in that split second not to because he realized how big of a joke everyone would make it out to be.

I can't say that I agree completely with that assessment, but they had a point.