Monday, July 30, 2007

Garnett Deal Done?

While looking through to keep up to date on Red Sox trade rumors I came across this blog that says the Garnett deal is basically done (ed: it looks like Deadspin has it too). This guy says the deal would include Al Jefferson, but either way I think its still a pretty good move for the Celtics.

Look at it this way...without making a deal for Garnett, the trade for Allen is pretty pointless. Yes, it makes them better, but it really doesn't give them a serious shot to make a deep run in the playoffs. With a lineup of Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Rondo and whoever, they would be one of, if the not the team to beat in the East. Sometimes you've got to just say screw it and go for it. Besides, if it doesn't work out they can just dump the expiring contracts and start over again. Wait and see, but I'm guessing if this guy is right we should see some confirmation on this in the next few hours.

P.S. Unfortunately the Celtics released Allan Ray yesterday, meaning we won't be able to hear an announcer say "Allen to Ray" or "Ray to Allan" and get all confused. That just sucks.


Guy said...

So, what you're telling me is the Cavs don't get their ticket punched to The Finals just yet? Damn.

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