Monday, July 30, 2007

Trade Deadline Loooooming

After lots of talk and speculation we've finally had a deal worth talking about. Teixeria (and reliever Ron Mahay) were traded to the Braves for Jarrod Saltalamacchia. While I think Teixeria is a little overvalued, this is still a good deal for the Braves. They needed to make a move and gain some ground on the Phils while Utley is out. They gave up a very good player in Saltalamacchia, but he was basically redundant because of Brian McCann.

From everything I've been reading it looks like Jermaine Dye could very well be a Red Sox before long. This scares me. Yes, Dye would be a good fourth outfielder and an upgrade over Wily Mo Pena. But I've heard that they might have to give up Manny Delcarmen to get him which makes no sense. Why downgrade your bullpen to upgrade your bench? Not to mention the fact that Dye has voiced his concerns about playing time and could be a problem in the clubhouse if he is reduced to back up for J.D. Drew.

There's been a lot of talk about a lot of players potentially being moved, but in my opinion there are only a few who could make a difference. Obviously when and if Gagne and Dotel get moved that is going to help someone. But I really believe that Jose Contreras could be beneficial to an NL team looking for some rotational help. We'll see what happens.

P.S. If you're asking yourself what Kruk has to do with this article, he has nothing to do with it. I just thought this was a funny picture.


Guy said...

I will be shocked if the Indians do not make a deal for a bullpen guy using all of their excess outfielders, like I mentioned in the Kenny Lofton post.

One rumor is Ben Francisco (now in AAA Buffalo) and a prospect to the Royals for Dotel.

Buzzsaw said...

I've already talked to guy, but Ken Rosenthal says the Braves are about to land Dotel for Kyle "The Future" Davies ... that's fine with me.

You saying Teixeira is overrated makes me shake with anger ... how so? In his first four years as a major leaguer he has the 4th most homeruns in history, while maintaining a near .300 BA and playing gold glove defensive. I'd say he's underrated if anything. They only had to trade away Salty, Harrison, and two teenagers (literally an 18 and 19 yr old).

Schurholz's record with trading prospects is unbelievable, remember #1 prospect in baseball Andy Marte?? Some of you might, haha. Where are Dan Meyer and Charles Johnson (who were traded for Tim Hudson)?? They suck, but were highly touted when they were traded.

Buzzsaw said...

The Braves are going after Bronson Arroyo right now too? What the fuck is happening?!?! My head is about to explode.

Buzzsaw said...

Oh and I think you meant Mets not Phillies; Philly just passed the Braves last weekend, no one is worried about them, their pitching staff is awful, it's less deep than the Braves somehow. With the Braves newfound batting order, they aren't the problem, catching the Mets from 4.5 back is the problem, Wild Card will be a fine consolation though.

Logan said...

No need to shake with anger...I'm not saying he's hugely overrated, just that the ballpark he plays in slightly inflates his numbers. His career road OPS is about .100 less than his home line. And as I said before its still a great trade for the Braves because they gave away a 'redundant'prospect in Saltalamacchia.