Sunday, July 29, 2007

The First Cut is not the Deepest

Ohio did it again Sunday, losing in yet another championship game-- this time it was the Columbus Destroyers giving the bridesmaid speech for the San Jose SaberCats in the Arenabowl XXI. And yes, I know what you’re thinking: “There have been twenty-one Arenabowls? How many do they do? Like three a year?” (That may or may not have been a recycled joke). Apparently this game was a big deal, because the Mikes announced it on ABC at 3pm. That is just some primetime stuff.

Anyway, the Destroyers went down valiantly, with the final score showing 55-33, SaberCats. The 7-9 Destroyers actually had the game tied at 14 at one point during the game, but could not finish off their terrific playoff run (I’m just assuming it was terrific-- it’s not like I actually watched it). It’s as if Destroyers’ quarterback Matt Nagy knew that the Destroyers were openly going for beats. When asked about the offense after the game, he said "It's safe to say the last five weeks, we were in a really good rhythm. Tonight, offensively, we just couldn't get in that rhthym - we were hoping to stretch it one more game." It was a good effort, Matt, and the state of Ohio applauds you. 24-for-43, 203 yards and four touchdowns isn’t bad, so at least you didn’t lay a complete egg like another certain Ohio quarterback. But then again, I guess when you convert that to college football statistics; it’s like 4-for-14, 35 yards and an interception (burn).


Daris said...

the destroyers could have used me in the slot.

fall tryouts here i come. i would catch every jump ball.

Anonymous said...

Add the Columbus Comments to your list of Ohio Runner Ups for National Championship Contests. They lost in the title game of the NWFA.

Anonymous said...

Wait, if Columbus had won, the League Champ would have had an 8-9 record? Fo' realz?