Friday, July 27, 2007

A Little Weekend Funny

Poorman's Podcast.

I'm beginning to find the name of the podcast annoying. I'll have to think of something else before too long. Off to get some ribs, and don't make any black jokes. Its the first time I've had ribs in over a year. I just had a taste for some barbecue.

Fight Night should be exicting. I'm looking forward to it.



Buzzsaw said...

You were really excited going into that fight?? I was pleasantly surprised, Forrest looked like a badass, I thought he was gonna show that he was washed up. Baldomir isn't bad, he just can't fight guys with speed.

Buzzsaw said...

Your fucking iPod sounds like a Trail 'of Tears' Mix ... haha haha, get it? The music you like you listen to leans toward the sui-side. Holy shit, two puns in one comment, I'm totally stealing your article.

Daris said...

ya, i thought forrest looked impressive. i just hope he doesnt fight winky next.

Guy said...

I'm surprised by your musical tastes, but I am a Bloc Party "Guy." I don't know much else of that stuff-- except I've heard good things about Arcade Fire and the opposite about Bright Eyes.

A quick rundown of stuff I like:
The Format
Led Zeppelin
The Beatles
The Killers