Monday, July 23, 2007

Tim Donaghy Lacks a Soul

The NBA point shaving scandal is becoming increasingly bizarre as more details are being brought to light. It is now being reported that Donaghy was involved with mobsters associated with the Gambino family, and has received death threats within the past few days. His family and friends, fearing for his safety, are urging him to enter the witness protection program, according to the New York Post.

Even more interesting though is the Post’s assessment of his character, specifically the story told by fellow West Chester native John Minutella. The retired dentist who plays golf at the course where the ref used work told how Donaghy put a dead bird in his golf bag, where he found it a day later covered with maggots. “Nobody wanted to play golf with him. I can’t say one nice thing about him. I believe this guy was almost soulless,” Minutella said. At least he didn’t kill the bird himself. I wonder what the dentist would have to say about Mike Vick.

NBA Ref Tim Donaghy Hit With Some Bad Calls


Daris said...

I feel a 'Top 10 Soulless People' list in the near future. I'll probably be the person who writes it.

I'm just pissed it wasn't Dick Bavetta or Joe Crawford.

Hue Hollins rigged every game he ever officiated.

Guy said...

Everytime I look at a picture of Donaghy I just think he looks like the nicest guy ever. That dead bird story helps me turn that perception around.