Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lieutenant Wellman Reporting for Duty

He's back ... Phil Wellman, manager of the Mississippi Braves (Atlanta's AA affiliate), returned to the site of his near career-ending blowup. The Braves visited the Chattanooga Lookouts tonight who gave Wellman a glorious welcome. It was Phil Wellman Night at the ballpark with festivities including, the throwing out of the first rosin bag and a Wellman crawl contest.

This seems like just a silly promotion, but there is an underlying problem that has yet to be revealed; the essence of the Chattanooga team has been compromised and no amount of jokes can change that. The "Lookouts" allowed a 300 pound enemy combatant to compromise their field, rape their women, steal their bases, and launch an unidentified projectile at their home plate. The joke is truely on them ... Go Braves.

Phil Wellman Night
via Baby Braves


HAUS said...

interestingly enough, Wellman used to manage the lookouts in '99 and from 2001-03

Guy said...

hahahahaha wow. Great stuff buzz.

Those quirky Lookouts

Buzzsaw said...

Wow House, that's an impressive fact ... why the hell do you know that?

Buzzsaw said...

BTW, that was actually Monday night .. opps

HAUS said...

lookouts are the reds AA affiliate...I read the reds ntoes every day and read it the day after wellman went crazy

Buzzsaw said...

You must have been pissed every time you were "relieving yourself" to Homer Bailey and Wellman walked out to the mound for a chat. I can image how that might ruin your mood.