Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Reason to Show a Picture of Erin Andrews (and a little bit of news)

Vick entered a not guilty plea at his first federal hearing today. He was granted bail but was ordered to surrender his passport, wear a monitoring device, and is not allowed to leave the jurisdiction where he lives. His trial date is set for November 26.

I watched the Who's Now segment on SportsCenter for the first time today and it was actually outstanding. I don't remember a word of what was talked about but Erin Andrews was on the panel. That's the ESPN I could get used to.

Odell Thurman will sit out the entire 2007 season
. I'm usually the first one to make fun of the Bungles but this is pretty ridiculous. He failed a drug test and got a DUI. He sat out all of last season. Another whole season? Seems pretty excessive. All I can say is that if Vick takes a snap this season the NFL is a huge joke.


Guy said...

There has to be something that we don't know about Thurman if hes getting another full season. Pretty ridiculous, but I'll take it as a Browns fan.

Daris said...

"andrews has a nice rack."
-me with a rye smile on my face and a little nod of the head

Matt Jenks said...

Do you know what I'd say if Erin Andrews showed up at my front door and asked if I'd like to go out for a night of drinking and wild sex?

"Going out for a little while, Honey. Don't wait up."

Anonymous said...

All I did was stare at her legs on the Who's Now segment

EA rocks