Friday, July 27, 2007

Seriously, Will the Funny Ever Stop?

Poorman's Podcast

Enjoy. You will not know the meaning of the Big Boy until the end of the Podcast, and even then you might still be confused.


Buzzsaw said...

I've got the same sculpture, bobble head right?? It's pretty awesome

Guy said...

We're going to have to compile a list of ridiculous songs.

Guy said...

Buzz can supply the Nickelback.

Buzzsaw said...

Live's "Dolphin's Cry" is my favorite song of all time

Daris said...

hahah no buzz, its actually a piggy bank!

Who goes to Big Boy anymore?

Once the piggy bank fills up, I'll break it with a hammer and throw all of the change away. We all know change is useless. I'd probably be a millionaire if I didn't throw away quarters like they were used tissues.