Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Day Late and Many Dollars Short

Unfortunately, I watched “CNN’s Youtube” debate which featured candidates for the Democratic presidential ticket. Hilary, Obama, and Edwards did most of the talking as the other candidates for the nomination sat around pissed off that they weren’t getting enough air time. I just love it how they always end with the statement “and that’s what I’ll do as President of the United States”. I am going to start doing that in Taco Bell drive thru lanes and during random conversations I have with friends and family members.

1. Bill Richardson looked like he had three pounds of make-up on his face.

2. Dennis Kucinich definitely did at least a couple lines of coke, and kept telling people to text message the word “peace” in an attempt to stop the War in Iraq. Ya, we want a president running the country who thinks text messages will solve the conflict in the Middle East?

3. Biden was the most straightforward and might have the most comprehensive plan for a phased withdrawal out of Iraq, but he’s not polished enough to win the nomination.

4. Hilary performed exactly as expected as she is the most seasoned politician of the bunch.

5. Obama didn’t impress me too much, and seemed a little “off his game”. He will be tough to compete with though as he’s raising more money than Hilary and getting that money from many small contributors. He actually has a grassroots campaign going, and that’s dangerous come primary time.

Overall, the politicians held many very similar stances on the war, healthcare, education, global warming, same sex marriage, and the economy, as I suspected. I won’t start really paying attention to their subtle differences until it matters.

I was most impressed with John Edwards, not so much because of his positions, but because I feel he was being genuine in his answers.

Example 1- He told America that he doesn’t want anyone’s vote who wouldn’t vote for a women or a black candidate.

Example 2- He defended his position on same-sex marriage, saying he thought it was wrong. He said he fought with this issue everyday as he wants to make sure America continues to move away from discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation etc.. However, he believes his personal opinions, and those of any candidate who is lucky enough to serve our country, shouldn’t matter when making decisions that affect the country as a whole. This is a very difficult stance to take with progressive democrats, and his statement proves he’s not willing to back away from his beliefs even if it means losing the election.

I thought the setup of the debate was ridiculous.; too much technology, too much production, and too much Anderson Cooper. I love how the most serious discussions have to be considered "entertaining" for people to get interested. God, why do I even write about this kind of stuff? If you want to see a big time rant that stemmed from this debate check out my old blog . I'll just warn you its not interesting, and certainly not pretty.


Buzzsaw said...

You figure out any clues as to who might be "The Mole?"

Buzzsaw said...

Obama actually got his ass kicked on the "grassroots" donations campaign. He said how he didn't take money from lobbyists (sp?) but one of the candidates (not sure which) called him out on taking money from like the head of Bank of America, which funds a lobby but isn't technically a lobby itself. He had no good response, pretty poor job not being ready for that.

Daris said...

ya, im not sure who that guy was(I think he may have been a senator) He was an old, bitter, jackass. Come to think of it, he may have just been a random Vietnam vet who they threw up there to spice things up.

Obamas response was pretty poor, saying that the information was only known because of the legislation which he helped draft. I think Obamas point is that he may have taken some money from lobbyists, but the bulk of it comes from small one time contributors at a local level.

i dont get "The Mole" reference buzz. Enlighten me.

Buzzsaw said...

Anderson Cooper was host of "the mole" the best reality show of all-time.