Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sorry Brady

Brady Quinn is a douche. There I said it. It’s taken me a long time but I have finally come to terms with the fact that of the best players for one of my favorite teams is a huge flaming tool. I ignored stories about how he used to model back when he was in high school. I looked past his penchant for posing without his shirt on and water dripping all over him (please don't click and just take my word on it) and talking endlessly about the workout plan that got him his perfectly sculpted body. When I heard a story about him walking up to a random girl at Notre Dame party and asking her for some “birthday head”, I just laughed. And then I laughed harder when I found out that it was her birthday and not his.

I was even happy for him when he got drafted by the Browns, a team I am used to hating as a Steelers fan. I felt bad that he dropped so far, but I figured it would be good for him to go to the team he grew up cheering for and a place where he would have a legitimate chance to make an immediate impact. Maybe dropping so far would even teach him to be a little less full of himself.

Well, judging by what Quinn has been up to lately, it doesn’t look his draft hit has translated into a hit to his ego. For starters, Quinn is planning on holding out and missing the start of training camp seeking an amount of money usually reserved for top ten draft picks. The only problem with this? He was the number twenty-two pick.

And most recently there is this story (found on 100percentinjuryrate) about how Quinn unexpectedly charged fans $75 for a signed picture and up to $225 for signed merchandise at an event at a Cleveland area mall. I wouldn’t spend the $1.15 I just paid for the Mountain Dew I’m drinking for a picture of this asshole. I really hope Quinn turns out to be a gigantic bust, and now its not just because he plays for the Browns.


Buzzsaw said...

I'm starting to agree with you, but I have a hard time letting go of all those big games he got us to, and that big game he almost won.

Guy said...

Us Browns fans will be the ones laughing when Quinn and the Browns almost beat the Steelers. Yeah. So there you stupid Shitsburgh fan. You just got f-ed in the A!

Daris said...

the steelers are the dirtiest team in the league and im not talking about their play.

Guy, I bet Brady does f one steeler in his A. It will probably be toothlessberger.

Daris said...
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Matt Jenks said...

I'm really disappointed by this. I'm wondering how much of this is the agent, and how much is Brady.

I'd have a lot harder time swallowing this if he wasn't plastered all over the cover of Men's Health. C'mon, dude. Just...c'mon.