Monday, July 23, 2007

Golf, PS3 and Jon Lester

I woke up at around 11:30 Sunday morning just in time to see the last five holes for Sergio and Harrington. I couldn’t have been happier with the finish, and not just because my boy Padraig won. As a casual golf fan, it was great to see an ending to a major that featured drama and two marquee names seeking their first major. The playoff was great too because it offered both players a chance for redemption after it appeared that the tournament would be won by the golfer who choked less. In the end Harrington just made more shots and put the pressure on Garcia. Don’t worry Sergio fans, he’ll get his chance.

I didn’t get a chance to watch the Bernard Hopkins-Winky Wright fight on Saturday, but the write-up was pretty interesting. It sounds like Hopkins conserved his energy by picking his spots and fighting sporadically in the early rounds and possibly gaining an advantage by opening a cut above Wright’s eye with one or more head butts. I’d be interesting to hear someone’s thoughts who actually saw the fight (Buzz?).

In a related note, I fought the Hopkins-Wright match on Fight Night for PS3. Winky and I suffered our first TKO in the 8th round when the cut and swelling over our left eye was so bad that he couldn’t see. Very disappointing, especially because I lost $20.

The Red Sox-Indians game tonight on ESPN2 will feature Jon Lester making his first MLB start since his recovery from cancer. It should be a pretty emotional introduction even though the game isn’t at Fenway. Cancer isn’t something anyone should have to deal with, let alone a kid who is about the same age as all of us here at this site. Regardless of what Lester does tonight or the rest of the year, you can’t say enough about the heart he’s shown just to get to this point. Hopefully tonight is a special night for him.


Buzzsaw said...

Didn't watch the fight, would have been a waste of money, the fight had no real implications other than it would have ended Hopkins career most likely ... He only won because of those head butts it seems like, the fact that the fight went to a decision favored Wright a ton, the cut was unfortunate.
This is pretty much the only Red Sox article I won't get pissed about, it's pretty awesome he's starting tonight

Daris said...

ya, didnt catch the fight either. i am hoping i get to catch a reply of it on HBO tonight or tomorrow. Im interested to see just how boring this was.