Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Commissioner Issues, Etc.

There was a recent poll on ESPN asking which commissioner would you least like to be right now, and predictably most people said David Stern.

While Selig’s problem of Bond’s and the home run record is a nuisance, he could avoid some of the negative attention by sucking it up, going to the games and getting it over with. I think he’s handled this very poorly by making himself part of the story and adding to the controversy.

Goodell ‘s problem, while serious, will not affect the popularity of the league. It is a black eye that needs to be dealt with accordingly. It looks like he might have a pair of nuts after all. He told Mike Vick yesterday that he will be prohibited from attending training camp with the rest of the team. Now he hasn’t actually suspended him yet, but it looks like he’s not going to pull the “wait ‘til the legal system runs its course”, which I’ve said before would have been very hypocritical, considering the way he dealt with Pacman Jones.

Stern’s problem is by far the most serious. The issue is something that damages the credibility of the core of the league’s existence, the game itself. Making it worse, there isn’t really any definitive action he can take to counteract the negative perception. The official has already resigned and it’s basically in the hands of the Feds. I think the doubt that will linger over the NBA’s integrity will only fade over time. I’ll be interested to see what he says in his press conference today.

In other news

A follow up on the Jon Lester story from yesterday…he pitched pretty well in his return from cancer yesterday. With his parents watching he went six innings, allowing two runs on six hits and striking out six to earn the win. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to him when Schilling returns, but I hope they can make room for him because he’s worked so hard, and frankly, he deserves it.

I know how much you all love soccer stories, but this one might interest casual fans. It looks like Freddy Adu will be going to Portugal to play for powerhouse Benfica. Although the Portuguese league is not one of the premier leagues in Europe, it is probably the best of the second tier and they do get three teams into the Champions League every year. I think this is a great move for Adu and his development and I wish more U.S. players would do the same (cough, Landon Donovan).


Buzzsaw said...

Bonds breaking the record is Selig's fault ... Selig accepted all the praise for the McGwire/Sosa seasons and Bonds early HR years, so he should accept responsibility for letting those years of rampant steroid use go unchecked. At the very least he should acknowledge the record he let get broken.

Guy said...

I would love to be Roger Goodell. No matter what happens, people will worship the NFL. For sure.

Daris said...

I too would love to be goodell.
Buzz, I couldn't agree more. Selig wanted all of the attention on MLB, and looks like a fuckin jackass now. Remember,the govt wasnt going to start their investigation at the MLB level. Selig wanted to be a part of this to clean up MLB's image as ithad been become increasingly garbage. Other professional sports leagues were facing the same scrunity!

goodell telling vick he needs to stay home from training camp isnt enough! I keep stressing this, but Goodell needs to suspend Vick for the entire season or suspend him indefinately. Vick is a sick fuck and anyhting less than the most severe penalty in NFL history is a complete joke if goodell keeps with his 'guilty until proven innocent' stance.

BigLots said...

There's no reason to suspend him for the whole year already before we know exactly what happened. Look at the Duke lacrosse situation. I personally just assumed they were guilty and wrote them off as assholes because that's what the media portrayed. You have to let the judicial process take place.

Buzzsaw said...


Goodell has been insanely strict, he fined Porter the equivalent of a game check for punching another football player in the face, and people were worried about a suspension ... which I was excited for because they play the Redskins week 1.
So, proportionally, if Porter is fined a game check for a stupid fight, I think Vick should be put to death for the sick shit he allegedly did... allegedly.