Monday, July 23, 2007

Rappers Have Guns

Lil Wayne and Ja Rule were both arrested on gun charges last night prompting numerous headlines attempting horrible jokes referencing their upcoming collaboration called “Uh Oh”. First of all, I’m not all that surprised by the news as I am stunned that Ja Rule is still producing “music”. I mean he was doing so great with his acting career.

Legal problems for rappers are always fun because we get to hear their real names. Jeff Atkins (Ja Rule) was found to be in possession of an illegal .40 caliber when his luxury sedan was pulled over for speeding. Dwayne Carter (Lil Wayne) was spotted smoking pot behind his tour bus. After searching him police also found a .40 caliber handgun which he was shockingly not licensed to carry. In the past Carter has spoken about his weapon of choice saying, “.40 cal keep cocked nigga ready to block, keep a gun, extra clip homey, that’s how we rock.” Hmm.


Matt Jenks said...

Maybe someone told JA that Stephen Jackson was going to be in the area.

Daris said...

Lil Wayne is so much more now than Ja.

I actually bet J-LO was involved. Her big ass hasn't been in the news for awhile. I haven't heard about her since she and Marc Anthony got married.

Side Note: As my little sister pointed out, Marc Anthony looks like an aborted fetus.