Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Want to Fight Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

“I will beat him all the way back to England.” This quote came from the “retired” Floyd Mayweather, Jr. a little over a month ago, and no, he wasn’t talking about David Beckham. Shockingly, Floyd is ready to jump back in the ring, and the fight is being promoted by Golden Boy. Wow, Floyd really is sincere in what he says. He ragged on Golden Boy Promotions and said he was done with boxing. Three months later, he’s announced another fight with them.

As suspected, “Pretty Boy” will meet Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton on December 8th at the MGM Grand in Vegas. Yippie! Hatton has already said he’s going to fight at his junior welterweight size of 140 lbs. This means he’ll be fighting not only a quicker, more skilled fighter, but one that weighs 7 lbs more. Mayweather will almost certainly come in at the 147 lb. requirement as he realizes that Hatton (or any one for that matter) isn’t going to be able to beat him with speed. This is such a ridiculous fight. If money didn’t exist, there would no plausible explanation for it.

Mayweather said he’s going to knock Hatton out, and unfortunately I think he’s right! I mentioned this many articles ago when the fight seemed to be in the workings, but I’ll say it again: on fight night, Ricky Hatton’s face will be a dart board, and Mayweather will be throwing bull’s eyes. How can Ricky expect to use his style of always moving forward and bullying if he’s 7lbs lighter than Floyd? I just don’t get it. Mayweather has faster hands/better foot speed than anyone in boxing, so trying to beat him with those two things is like buying diapers 2hrs after taking an ALLI.

Look how Castillo (almost) beat Floyd. He just kept moving forward and bullying Mayweather. He wouldn’t let Floyd off the ropes. He was bigger, and Floyd didn’t know what to do. Hatton’s only chance is taking a similar approach. Bulk up, take chances, catch Floyd on the ropes, and turn it into a fight.

I’ll just come out now and predict a knockout in the middle rounds. I don’t think Hatton’s going to be able to do anything! He doesn’t move his head and walks right into big punches. Floyd isn’t a power puncher, but with his technical prowess, he will slowly dismantle Hatton. I can’t wait to see Hatton’s face in between the 4th and 5th round if he’s still in the fight. He’s going to look ridiculous.

I just wish Floyd would have taken a fight with Cotto! I swear that article about PBF dodging fights and being overrated is coming. If he keeps it up, I might just have to challenge him myself. I could get down to 147 lbs in 1 month. Hell, it’s only 12 pounds.

This Weekend: Eric Morales (48-5) and David Diaz (32-1) are fighting in Chicago Saturday night at the Rosemont Horizon (I don’t know the new name of the arena, so I’m still calling it by the old one). Morales goes after his fourth world title in a fourth diffrent weight class, and Diaz is attempting to measure himself against one of boxing’s true legends. I still haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to go to this fight, but if I do, I will keep a running journal. I wish I had a laptop, so I could do some ringside blogging, and then have my “corner man” translate it into Spanish. Please check out HBO on Demand (if you have it) and watch the short highlight reel of Morales. If not, got to Youtube and check out some highlights of him vs. Marco Antonio Barrera. He has been in some freakin’ battles. The man is a warrior, but at 31 he may have already fought too many times and taken too many big punches.

I think Diaz is actually older than Morales, but he’s a lot fresher. He’s fought lesser opponents and hasn’t taken the same abuse dished out to Morales by Barrera and Manny Pacquiao 3x apiece. I haven’t even begun breaking down the fight yet, so you’ll have to wait on my prediction. On the undercard, Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., an up and coming undefeated welterweight and son of the boxing legend Chavez Sr., will try to show he’s more than just a name. He fought on the Cotto v. Judah undercard, and was impressive from what I remember. I think this one could be worth the PPV cash if you get 4-5 people to throw down on it. HBO will give you three hours of coverage for 5-7 bucks a pop. Kind of like going to a movie, minus all of the sweet Bruce Willis Jackass comments!. (Inside joke)


Guy said...

Sounds like Pretty Boy Floyd is a Pretty Big Pussy.

Anonymous said...

Does holyfield have a shot in Russia?

Daris said...

what do you mean by shot? He is fighting a russian (I forget the name and am too lazy to look it up) to become the 2nd oldest heavyweight of all time behind foreman.

Now, whether or not he has a shot at beating this guy is a different story.

Anonymous said...

That is what i meant. I think it would be great for the sport of boxing if a big name like Holyfield was at the top. I don't even care if the guys only got a 1/2 of an ear...One last thing. Who do you think would win in a street fight? Holyfield or Liddel?

Buzzsaw said...

Holyfield kicks Liddell's ass in a street fight, if you named a different ultimate fighter, I could see it, but Liddell is smaller and has a boxing style, he'd get rolled. Sure Holyfield uses gloves, but there is no way he can feel his face at this point.

Daris, I enjoyed the article and agree with pretty much all the point (I think Hatton loses by TKO, I just don't see him not getting up). I have to say though, maybe it's just me, but I get very distracted by exclamation points. Maybe I just don't know how to say them in my head, but no matter what I do, it always sounds gay. Next time we meet, you should explain how to read them.
It's like they were coming out of nowhere. I would just be reading along, then ... HOLY SHIT, exclamation point!! It's distracting, does anyone else have this problem?

Daris said...


the exclamation point is used most often by me when i think their needs to be a "fuck" thrown into an article (a postive fuck or a negative fuck, doesnt matter which) So when I say, "unfortunately I have to agree!" I really mean "unfortunately I have to fucking agree."

"Yippie!" Becomes "Fucking yippie." so usually its a negative thing, but the bruce willis one at the end denotes a postive "fuck".

I know log wants to keep this thing PG-13. So, for your benefit, just assume that the ! is sarcastic and throw a "fucking" before the verb or subject noun, whichever seems most appropriate.

Check out the blogdome today. some guy posted an article about the fight. I think you'll see how ridiculous it is. Hatton is going to come in fucking lighter than Floyd. (See take out the fucking and I'd have to ad an exclamation to get my point across about how ridiculous i think it is) What in the hell is he thinking?

Buzzsaw said...

Haha, thank you soo much! That explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

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