Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Bluff City Miracle

You know how everyone thinks that they suffered the unluckiest loss ever when it comes to gambling on sports? You hear stories of some piece of shit throwing a pick with two minutes to go or some liquored up idiot kicker missing the game winning field goal. Well, this weekend marks the rematch of my worst loss ever. Let me set the stage for everyone. As some of us know, Buzzsaw has a little bit of a gambling problem and one night he was informing everyone about how great Arkansas St. was because they had won him some bet. He then proceeded to guarentee that they would win the next day at Memphis. I, knowing nothing of either team, thought that there was no chance for Arkansas St. so I slapped down 40 on Memphis. Needless to say, this garbage game was not televised so we were reduced to following it on Gamecast. I'll spare everyone the details of the game and jump straight to the ending. ASU was facing third and ten on their own 47 yard line with six seconds to go in the game. I think you know what's coming next. Imagine how I felt when Gamecast updated with the message: 53 yard TOUCHDOWN! Game Over. I gasped, Buzzsaw laughed and then I punched him in the face.

No I didn't punch him in the face but I wanted to. I think I just threw a pillow or something gay like that. Anyways, it was complete bullshit. Here's a video of the "Bluff City Miracle" so you can see just how ridiculous it was. The play is 25 seconds into the video.

To quote Tom Jackson and Chris Berman: "JUST KNOCK IT DOWN!" Assholes. Anyways, this Saturday at 7 PM, Arkansas St. will host Memphis. There's no way Memphis can lose to them twice in a row. Any takers?


Buzzsaw said...

The pillow throw wasn't as vicious as it sounds. We had just finished pillow fighting,so my face was already numb, and I barely noticed the thrown pillow.

Buzzsaw said...

The Arkansas St. label is a nice one to add to the collection, I bet it'll be useful. I'd make a sarcastic comment about "fucking bullshit" but I actually think that will be re-used.

Guy said...

nice "fucking bullshit" label

Guy said...

Whoops, didn't see your comment buzz.