Monday, September 3, 2007

It's Investing, Not Gambling

I've never been much into politics, it makes me feel dirty; and with Daris having died and Logan fleeing the country, I didn't think there would be much more political talk in these parts, let alone by me. However, those feelings faded when I realized I could bet on the presidential race.

Well, betting is the wrong word, the government is too classy for that, it's more of a stock market. I don't know all of the stock market lingo, so bear with me. As it stands right now in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination, Clinton is worth 67 cents on the dollar, Obama is 19 cents, Edwards is at 6 cents, and the field is at 7. The Republican nomination looks like this, Giuliani at 33cents, Romney at 28, Thompson at 17, and McCain at 10 cents.

My question is this, why don't we all put a shit load of money on Thompson? He hasn't even announced he's running yet, but he's one of the main contenders. Is there any doubt that, when he does announce his campaign this Thursday, his price will skyrocket? Guy, I posted this for you, it seems like something you'd jump on. I'm sure I'm missing something though ... I'm just a simple man, I don't understand all this stock market business.

I apologize for the awful post, I just got back from a politics class where I found out about this, I should have something really awesome later today. Hopefully my compatriots wake up, they're all hung over. Biglots should have a gambling contest review post that will tear my ass apart, I went 1-4, the loses weren't very close either. I'm the man.

Political Stock Market

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Guy said...

I'm very confused. We'll talk about this later.