Monday, September 3, 2007

You Won’t Like the Man-Genius When He’s Angry

The following video is from Kansas’ demolition of Central Michigan, one of the favorites to win the MAC conference (Kansas won the game 52-7). Early in the game, Raimond Pendleton had a 77 yard punt return for a touchdown. To celebrate the play, Pendleton dove into the end zone. Someone on the sideline had a camera and recorded Kansas coach Mark Mangino’s reaction. It’s scary.

“Look what the fuck you did. And you did it all on your own, didn’t you? You did it all on your own.” Mangino promptly sent Pendleton to timeout. It’s like he’s scolding a kid that shit on the carpet.


Guy said...

I thought he was about to kiel over heart attack style like the Indians' manager in Major League yelling at the players in the lockerroom.


BigLots said...

That is a very big man.