Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hands off Limas’ Weed

Since the Texas Longhorns won the BCS Championship game on January 4, 2006, there have been eight current or recently graduated players arrested for various charges. To fight the problem, Mack Brown instituted a ‘zero tolerance’ policy regarding any University of Texas player arrest. Sergio Kindle and Henry Melton have already fallen victim to Brown’s new policy.

Obviously, this policy cannot continue. If you want to be a top college football program, you’re going to have to turn the other cheek on a few indiscretions throughout the year. You might think that Brown would have to drop the policy in order to avoid suspending the entire team, but you’d be underestimating the power of football in Texas. Somehow, Brown managed to have the Texas legislature pass HB 2391. HB 2391 allows for police to give tickets to, rather than arrest, people for certain infractions; such as, criminal mischief, theft, and possession of up to 4 oz. of marijuana. In short, it just got a lot harder to get arrested. There's no proof that Brown played an active role in getting this bill passed, but there is no doubt he's a staunch supporter.

Getting caught with 4 oz. and less of weed will now only be punished with what amounts to a parking ticket. I’m not sure how any school will be able to compete with Texas for the top recruits in the country now that this law has passed. At Notre Dame, you get suspended from school for a semester for having weed in your car, just ask Kyle McAlarney. The law just went into effect September 1st, and might help to explain Texas' uninspired play against Arkansas State (they only won 21-13).

Austin Chronicle

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Guy said...

Michael Irvin and Nate Newton missed the boat by about 10 years. Maybe Jerry Jones had something to do with this, but its just getting through the government and Mack Brown is the one reaping the benefits.