Monday, September 3, 2007

Lingering Long Weekend Thoughts

  • If I ever say that I think that the Mariners will win the Wild Card, I will punch myself in the face because I’d be lying. Before Monday’s win, they had dropped nine straight. Sounds like a pretty big collapse that everyone expected, but they’re tied in the loss column and down only 1 game to the Yankees for the Wild Card.
  • The Indians beat Santana again today, 5-0. That makes him 0-5 for the year against the Lake Erie Warriors. For all related jokes to this news, refer to Sammich’s post from last week (Johan's 4th loss against the Tribe).

  • Lots of college football happened. And a friend of the blog was actually at the Michigan-Appalachian State game. He and his brother have a rather new tradition where they pick a random college game every year to go to, and they stumbled upon tickets to this one about 3 weeks ago. Pretty random and lucky pick. Since it wasn’t on TV, here’s what he said happened during the final play of the game:

    Lining up for the field goal: Pure excitement, everyone standing, bedlam

    The block: collective “GASP!”

    The aftermath: complete silence (no one left their seats for ten minutes)

    What a way to go. If Youngstown State would have beaten Ohio State, I probably would have just laughed it off. That’s pretty much all Michigan fans can do. Except this one.
  • I have the Clemson-Florida State game on. Florida State looks pretty bad, and James Davis just had one of the best touchdown runs I’ve ever seen. I’m sure you’ll see it on the highlights.

That is all. I should be back tomorrow with something of more substance.

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Buzzsaw said...

Hahaha, I clicked on that Mgoblog on deadspin at the school computer lab today and that popped up. The room was packed, there is no doubt that someone saw me looking at that page, pretty embarassing, haha. It didn't help that I clicked it again, thinking I made a mistake the first time.