Monday, September 10, 2007

Contest Update

After an exciting weekend of gambling, it's time to update the contest standings. I expect everyone to have already read our picks but if you're new to the blog, here they are. If anyone out there decided to just bet my picks then I'll go ahead and say you're welcome for this week but I would advise against doing it in the future. Although I love gambling, I suck at it.

The Contest

BigLots 9-1
Sammich 5-5
Guy 5-5
Buzzsaw 2-7-1

Worst Pick of the Week: It probably should be my ill-advised Louisville bet but since that's my only loss I refuse to take the worst pick. Instead I'll go with Buzzsaw's selection of Miami to cover +10.5 against Oklahoma. The final score ended up being 51-13 in Oklahoma's favor.

Beat of the Week: Buzzsaw again gets this honor with his Texas-TCU over. The line was 44.5 and the score going into the fourth quarter was 10-10. However, 27 fourth quarter points later and he lost by 2.5 points.


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