Thursday, September 13, 2007

Prime Time Tackles Oxygen

Deion Sanders played two sports back in his day; now he is moving onto his second television genre, making the move from sports commentator to reality television. On the Oxygen Network. I can’t stress this enough. The show is going to be called Deion and Pilar Sanders: Prime Time Love. I’ll let take the parameters of the show from here:

Prime Time Love will follow the couple and their five kids, focusing on former model Ms. Sanders' desire to do something bigger with her life than the family's tiny town of Prosper can offer. Meanwhile, Mr. Sanders is content to stay home with the kids and enjoy his retirement.

This concoction of reality television and athletes is getting out of hand. Jesse Palmer on The Bachelor wasn’t a big deal just because he was a shitty backup quarterback holding a clipboard and wearing a baseball hat. But Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice and Clyde Drexler embarrassing themselves on Dancing with the Stars? That kind of thing makes me appreciate how Brett Favre is still gunslinging away instead of making an ass out of himself on Spike TV or some other shitty network.

This reality show has shades of Committed: The Christies written all over it. Deion must be whipped. The article even says that the Sanders pitched the show to the network. I wonder whose idea that was (hint: not Deion's). The real problem here is that we might be seeing more of Deion on his new stint than his gig on NFL Gameday that airs on NFL Network, considering about 19 people in the country get that channel.



Daris said...

i'm sure i'll secretly watch....and what kind of name is Pilar?

Buzzsaw said...

It sounds like a rice.