Monday, September 10, 2007

Dear Dallas. Enjoy Darren McFadden. Signed, Cleveland.

It’s probably too early for me to write anything rational about 34-7. Oh well.


-There was never a reason to be excited during the actual game. It was all buildup pregame. Five minutes into it, the Steelers were up 10-0 coming off ridiculous mistakes by the Browns offense and special teams.

-The ridiculous mistakes I speak of consist of a botched punt that included four Browns’ penalties (two defensive holdings, an illegal formation, and ineligible downfield kick). That has to be some sort of record. It was amazing. Also, a Charlie Frye interception that would have been intercepted by the Steeler behind Deshea Townsend (the guy that picked it off) had Townsend not been there. I thought they were going to fight over it.

-At first, it seemed as though the defense wasn’t really doing all that bad. It’s just that the offense put them in horrible field position. For instance, on the Steelers’ first three scoring drives, they started at the Cleveland 22 (Touchdown), the Cleveland 17 (Field Goal), and the Cleveland 40 (Touchdown). That’s ridiculous. But then, they had three scoring drives in the second half from their side of the field. So who knows. It was just an atrocity in all regards.


-The line looked good for the first time since we have been Cleveland Browns v2.0. Frye and Anderson both had time, but did not make good decisions. And that is kind of important.

The result:

-This team looked pretty bad. And our draft pick should end up being pretty good this year, so you Cowboys fans should be pretty excited about that. But remember Browns fans, it’s easy to bitch that “we’re so stupid for trading our 2008 draft pick for Brady Quinn!” but it’s simply not the case. Trading our 2nd rounder and this coming year’s first rounder was the equivalent of drafting Quinn in the first round next year, but giving up our 2nd rounder to have the luxury of having him now. Plus, he might end up being pretty good. If he busts, maybe it looks stupid. But we need a quarterback. You know that if you watched any of Sunday’s game. Frye and Derek Anderson should be playing in the CFL.

So yeah, it’s gonna suck when Dallas is picking very high in next April’s draft, but it’s all a part of being a Cleveland fan.


Buzzsaw said...

Quinn needs to play now ... he's not gonna be a bust, he's too smart/strong. The trade was definitely not stupid. Crennel is a joke for refusing to play him. "He's not ready" .. really? If Frye and Anderson are ready, then Quinn must be the worst QB of all time. They're just being ridiculous.

Guy said...

I agree and disagree.

Agree because:

As I said, the line gave Frye and Anderson time. They just couldn't do anything with it. I'm going to venture to guess Quinn would make better throws than both of them.

Disagree because:

Our schedule is pretty tough early on. Cincy next week (defense not so good), @ Oakland (good), Baltimore (uh oh), and @ New England (disaster). I'm personally not ready to throw Quinn to those wolves, but if I were Crennel I would. His job is on the line and I think Quinn gives us the best chance to show promise, if not win a couple of games.