Wednesday, August 8, 2007

David Beckham is Confused

Since his arrival to the States, Beckham has had a “Beckham Cam” on him during his MLS debut, his wife Victoria did a reality show about their move to Los Angeles, and he has taken some pretty weird pictures.

According to this link to, Beckham wants to play a homosexual character on the show Desperate Housewives, and singer Robbie Williams was picked to be his boyfriend:
Marc Cherry, who said Beckham picked the singer over his new American friend Tom Cruise, thinks the pair would be an ideal match: "David and Robbie are perfect to star as the new neighbours' best friends - the gorgeous, eccentric couple flown over from Blighty."

David's keen, but though the obvious choice was to work with Tom Cruise, we wanted someone who matches him in height and well, Britishness, so Robbie is the one."

They're both funny, game for a laugh and ridiculously macho, so it should work wonderfully. The English are pitch-perfect for sending themselves up."
Is this the same Robbie Williams that sang that shitty song "Millenium" and was on TRL back in the glory days? I think it’s better that I don't know. Personally, I just think Posh is pressuring him to do this because she’s looking for a little three-way action. And I don’t mean Cincinnati style chili.


Buzzsaw said...

We were #1 on blogcounter yesterday, just beating out ... that's tough to do, haha

Daris said...

ive always dreamed of beating robbie williams ass. guy, your story is the final straw.

Posh's three way dreams are suspect if its anything like the Skyline Chili. I hadnt eaten there in 10 years until i went with Cheff, log, and mcg, and i think i almost vomitted up my vodka from the night before.

I might be the only male in the US who thinks that shit is gross, but damn those chili dogs were disgistuing. moreover, that three-way looked like something Kobayatchi eats during one of those gross competitive eating contests.

Daris said...

haha buzz i saw that. we are moving on up, and not just in the black affirmative action sort of way.

(Im allowed to say that)

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