Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Funny: Will Baby take Backseat to Blue Label? Problems in Lohan Land

Are the Vodka Filling Water Bottle Days Over for Lindsay?

Log has disappeared, and he was our in house celebrity gossip columnist, so we've hired outside help.

Kiss Louisville, a local pop radio station, reported that Lindsay Lohan might be pregant. Lindsay had a similiar scare a year and a half ago. This report suggests that Miss Lohan is not only a line blowing cokehead but a whore as well….Yeahyaaaaa.. I once had a dream of moving out to California and knocking up a famous celebrity such as Lushahan. I guess I made my move just a little too late. A young man from Indiana will never get to fulfill his lifelong dream. I believe I also missed my window op opportunity with Britney Spears as she seems to be regaining some sanity one open- doored poop at a time. Must have been the fried chicken she was stuffing her face with during the OK interview late last month. She probably only devoured the skins, a la Cartman.

Who knows maybe this bastard child is what Lindsay needs to get a grip on reality. I seriously doubt it though. She is gonna take one look at Fas Lohan (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Acronym) and peace him/her to the curb. She has been to so many clubs that I bet the baby is gonna flop out dancing to house music (techno to the layman) with a glow stick in hand during delivery. Poor thing never stood a chance. Wow, another celebrity mom pushing her child to the backseat; exactly what Hollywood needs…Life just ain’t fair.

Buzzsaw, has Daly made any visits to LA lately? Your think piece is really starting to make a little more sense. If not Daly, its gotta be Phil Jackson. He's dating Jeanie Buss, and I think she just graduated from high school this past June.

Article contributed by Sockless Dilemma (friend of the blog)
I could not find the information on KissLouisville's website, and thats where they told users to go to read the rest of story. We'll figure it out.


Buzzsaw said...

No, he hasn't been to LA, but odds are he's been to rehab lately, I think that's most likely where the conception took place.

Buzzsaw said...

I really wish that picture wasn't the first thing I see when I check the blog, haha, she's so dirty

Daris said...

haha very true. i tried to find the picture that showed "the dirty", and centered it for extra effect. you're just lucky i choose small instead of large.

Buzzsaw said...

Very lucky

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