Saturday, August 11, 2007

Maybe Next Year

Sergio can't be too excited about how his last two majors of the year finished. First, the playoff loss to Padraig Harrington in the British, now this:

Garcia, who made the cut on the number at 5-over par, signed for a 4 on the par-4 17th hole, when he in fact recorded a 5.

He was playing alongside Boo Weekley, who was keeping his scorecard and wrote the score down incorrectly. It is the player's responsibility to check the card for accuracy and Garcia didn't do that.

Weekley had to feel kind of bad for what happened:

"It's my fault for putting the wrong score in, but it's his fault for not checking," said Weekley, who shot 5-under 65. "I just said 'Sergio, I put a 4 but in fact you had a 5.' He said, 'That just puts the icing on the cake.'"

"He just took off," Weekley said. "I called him back down and tried to get him before he got all the way up the stairs."

Ouch. But come on, Sergio! Anyone who has ever played competitive golf (be it high school or just some tournament) knows that you gotta check the card before you sign it and turn it in.

There's nothing worse than a Sergio pout, and that's what Weekley had to witness. Not only does he have to overcome Tiger Freakin Woods, but now the Sergio Pout? Good night. To be honest with you, I feel worse for Boo than Surge after this tragedy.

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