Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weekend Editor

Some random blabber from a couple days back that I've finally posted.
Poor Man's Podcast

I saw this video a few weeks back and found it absolutely hysterical. This little girl is responding to her mom's question: What will you do if a monster comes here?


Tiger was ridiculous at the PGA tour today in Southern Hills. He shot a 63, and has taken the lead. He's never lost a major with the 54 hole lead, so by tomorrow at this time, we might know he has it in the bag. I have no idea how his putt on 18 didn't stay in the hole. I've never seen anything like it. Unfortunately for the other players, it probably just pissed him off. A running diary will be kept if the weekend is at all interesting.

Baron Davis and Terri Hatcher are an item. Sooo weird for reasons that don't even need to be mentioned. [With Leather]


Guy said...

Channeling old man saying "Kids say the darndest things!"

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